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To provide high-quality cosmetology services, there is professional equipment, which can be found on the pages of the UMS Beauty online catalog. This company is a leader in sales and offers the most comfortable conditions for cooperation and a very wide range of products for cosmetologists.


We present to your attention a new model of Korea-made equipment for epilation, with enhanced functionality, high reliability and stability of parameters - a cosmetological apparatus for laser epilation D - LAS 110. The device is equipped with four handles (for each type of impact a specific handpiece), which allows the beautician to carry out effective procedures simply by selecting another active handpiece in the on-screen menu.


This device for hair removal allows you to effectively, and most importantly - painlessly and safely for the patient, in the shortest possible time to make hair removal of all hair types on the skin of any color and shade, as well as a number of additional procedures for removing various tattoos, tattooing and pigmentation of various etiologies. In addition, the presence of the RF generator allows the correction of various skin defects, restoration of the facial contour and other manipulations for which the use of radio wave exposure is the best way of treatment. In the course of its work, DPL2 uses modern, highly effective methods of protecting the skin from overheating, which guarantee clients maximum comfort and complete safety of treatment.


Possibilities of the device for laser hair removal

In this model, four technologies are used at once, which provide the device with the widest possible applications and make it universal equipment for use in beauty salons of any level - from those just starting their work to the VIP level.


DPL2 uses:


Diode laser 808 nm, which is a universal system for hair removal with high output power and the ability to remove any hair on the skin of all phototypes. It is equally high quality remove thin blond hair and thick dark.


ND: Yag Laser uses 532, 1064 and 1320 nm light to perform healing procedures and rejuvenation programs, as well as remove tattoos and permanent makeup on the face.


Its use allows to produce:


removal of all types of colored tattoos;

removal of skin pigmentation and mixed pigmentation, skin spots, freckles, moles, rosacea, Ota nevus;

effective removal of eyebrows, eyelids and lips tattoo;

whitening and rejuvenation of the skin, narrowing of pores, deep cleaning of the face.

E-light uses a reliable, highly stable light source and a large set of band-pass filters that ensure that all procedures available for this technique are performed.


Radiofrequency exposure (RF exposure) allows you to carry out procedures for tightening tissues and adjusting the outlines of various parts of the face, neck and body. For this purpose, the package includes three interchangeable nozzles of different sizes, which are easily mounted on the RF manipulator.


Distinctive features of DPL2

In the design of the device, various innovative solutions have been applied, which provide wide application possibilities, excellent parameters, stability and reliability of the device operation.


One of the main features is the use of dual cooling systems, which guarantee high safety for customers of beauty salons.


In DPL2, for cooling during a session, apply:


CIA ™ technology - "cooling in motion", which uses a cooling tip of 25 x 25 mm. Skin cooling is performed using TEC technology and is carried out before, during and after laser exposure. This approach helps to minimize the client's pain and make the procedure as comfortable as possible.


ICE ™ technology - "simultaneous cooling of contacts", which provides a constant cooling of the skin surface during a session. A feature of ICE ™ is to minimize the risk of burns on the surface of the skin while maintaining sufficient energy to penetrate the dermis and destroy hair follicles at any depth.


Of the other features of the device, you must select:


simple and convenient control of equipment operation with the ability to adjust output parameters over a wide range;

a system for automated determination and adjustment of the initial power of the connected handpiece;

the use of reliable and high-quality radiation sources manufactured in the USA and the UK;

comfortable board system using a 10.4 inch touchscreen control panel;

the ability to save and apply information about the procedures performed;

two modes of operation - for experienced and novice professionals;

multilingual menu;

system of automatic control and alarm of violations in the water supply, cooling and electrical systems.

constant monitoring of the level, quality, flow and temperature of water.


When purchasing a modern laser hair removal machine DPL2 at UMS Beauty, get a free course on how to use it. After successful completion of training, students receive a certificate confirming the right to operate this model. Training is conducted in any of the possible ways - in our training center, at the client’s workplaces or remotely - via Skype.