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Very convenient and easy nagolovnym special lamp with an autonomous power supply and a set of magnifying lenses. Lamp BT-Vision allows the specialist to see the object under study with an additional magnification and illumination. Due to the mounting head, it provides illumination of the area, which is facing view, while expert hands remain free, and the lamp does not take extra space on your desktop.

The design of the light source provides three levels of illumination of the working field, and allows you to adjust the direction of the light beam horizontally and vertically. On the visor lights installed two swivel socket for mounting lenses, which allows flexibility to select the magnification level for optimum display of the working field. System adjustments lamp allows you to choose the perfect setting to use it, which creates a comfortable working environment specialist throughout the day.

Specifications Lamp head beautician BT-Vision

Main settings
The multiplicity of lenses: 1.2x; 1,8h; 2.5x; 3.5x
Light color: white, LED
Electrical parameters
Light Source: LED, 3 pcs.
Power supply (quantity, type): 3AAA
Power consumption : 2.2 V, 250 mA
Lamp beautician: 1
Interchangeable lenses: 4
Instructions: 1
Other characteristics
Packing size (DaShT) cm: 29.5h22h7
Weight lamp in the operative position of: 450 g
Manufacturer: United States, Seattle

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