D-50 laser diode laser for hair removal with 755, 808, 1064 nm radiation

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The D-Las 50 diode laser is a modern and highly reliable device for hair removal on any part of the body. Use the most modern technological developments and techniques used in cosmetology. The designers managed to create a device that in the shortest possible time allows you to safely remove unwanted hair on the skin of any kind. The result is obtained by using a single universal handpiece with a line of laser emitters that simultaneously generate light with a wavelength of 755, 808 and 1064 nm. Each of the generated radiation is characterized by a different depth of penetration into the tissue and different effects on the skin of different phototypes:

755 nm radiation has the greatest effect when working on skin types I-III and allows you to remove hair of different types and colors. It is used for laser hair removal of light hair, as well as hair, whose follicles are found near the surface;

The 808 nm radiation effectively affects all skin types (I to VI), and diode lasers with this wavelength have high power, which allows epilation of any part of the body;

Radiations of 1064 nm best of all cope with hair removal on dark skin (phototypes IV-VI). In addition, light with this wavelength penetrates deeper into the tissue and provides effective hair removal with deep follicles.

Due to the complex simultaneous effect of three radiations, all hair types are heated in the treated area, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the procedure and reduces the duration of the treatment cycle. A high energy density of laser radiation provides a long-term effect after the completion of the epilation cycle. The efficiency of the D-Las 50 is achieved thanks to a multiple wave attack with a diode unit, which simultaneously generates light with three wavelengths and an epidermis cooler incorporated in the attack. The use of a high power microchannel diode emitter with controlled skin cooling allows you to remove unwanted hair quickly and painlessly.

The flexibility and practicality of the laser control offers a large and bright color touch screen, which introduces adjustment menus and fundamental benchmarks for parameter work.

Distinctive features of the device:

the radiant head simultaneously generates light with three wavelengths, which guarantees high hair removal efficiency on any type of skin;

powerful, highly efficient and durable laser diodes are used;

sapphire crystal with a special coating is used to improve the transmission of light and the cooling effect;

the device uses continuous temperature control technology, providing painless hair removal;

a new efficient water cooling system was used, which is guaranteed to protect the laser device from overheating and failure;

water quality sensor prevents shortening the Azerbaijani service. <td> Type of laser

D-Las 50 machine specifications

Diode laser

Wavelength, 755 + 808 + 1064 nm

Laser power, W 1000

Dimensions of the light spot, 13x13 mm

Pulse duration, ms 5-400

Energy, J / cm2 1-138

Pulse frequency, Hz

SHR 1-10 mode

LHR 1-3 mode

Cooling glass temperature, ° C -10 ... + 1

Air + water cooling + semiconductor Forged gel + cooling

Screen 10.4-inch color LCD touch screen

Network voltage ~ 220 V 50 Hz 20A / ~ 110 V 60 Hz

Output power, W 2700

Continuous operating time (no more), hours. 20

CE, ISO certification

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