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The portable diode laser D-LAS 21 for hair removal with radiation of 808 nm can be successfully used both in beauty salons and at home. It will help to remove effectively and easily the "vegetation" of the face, hands, legs and body, as well as correct skin pigmentation, discolor age or sun spots. The waves used in this device can be used more effectively to remove dark hair on dark or tanned skin. It should be noted that the device will be less effective in removing light and thin hair, which is due to the wavelength of 808 nm and the peculiarities of the skin's response to this radiation. At the same time, the small appliance shows very good results and is able to treat large areas of the body in a short time. With its help, even at home, you can correct the hair growth line on the head, quickly and effectively eliminate annoying hair on the back, shoulders, forearms, thighs, legs and feet, perform hair removal in the bikini or underarm area . At the same time, it will help you quickly and safely remove thin dark hairs above the upper lip or on other parts of the face.

In addition to a fairly wide range of use and good functionality, the D-LAS 21 appliance has other advantages.

The undisputed advantages of the appliance are:

small size, low weight - with good functionality the diode laser looks more like a domestic hairdryer than high-tech cosmetological equipment, which is rightfully so;

device safety for the person thanks to the presence of a skin contact sensor and a relatively low power;

five-step beam intensity adjustment;

ease of use and minimum number of controls;

possibility of operation without connection to the network;

fast battery charging and continuous operation with a full charge;

high general work resource.

As we can see, the D-LAS 21 portable diode laser for epilation, which the company offers to beauticians and all those who have sufficient knowledge to perform epilation independently, is a small, but powerful enough device. which can be used not only in salons. It does not take up much space in the travel bag or on the home shelf and at the same time will allow you to quickly get rid of the "unwanted vegetation" in almost all conditions.

If you feel like buying this device, place an order on the website page or contact the shop managers on one of our phone numbers.

If you need to further improve your level of knowledge and learn how to correctly use the D-LAS 21 model, after purchasing this device on the website you can take a training course at our center for free or remotely by registering for a video conference .

Do not delay, place an order and you will have a comfortable and reliable tool that will help you solve a series of aesthetic problems!


Product style Portable

Wavelength, 808 nm

Energy flow density, J / cm2 4-10

Output power, W 5

Energy regulation, levels 5

Duration of the impulse, ms 125-600

Repetition frequency, Hz ≤ 0.5

Stitch diameter, 1.0 cm

General resource, impulses> 5 000 000

Ambient temperature, ° C <27

Number of pulses for a charge> 250

Number of refills> 250

Charging time, hours <3

Weight, g 635

CE, Rohs certified

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