D-LAS 30 diode laser

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D-LAS 30 diode laser

Description of the appliance.

Clinics and cosmetic cosmetology centers, specialized in laser hair removal, have appreciated all the advantages and convenience of use of this device.

The new generation D-LAS 30 808nm diode laser is a certified equipment designed for professional and highly efficient hair removal. Clinical tests conducted on the device have shown high laser efficiency in removing unwanted hair.

The principle of action of laser radiation is based on the penetration of a concentrated light beam and heat on the hair follicle. Following this movement of light, the melanin contained in the follicle is absorbed. As a result, this pigment is destroyed under the influence of laser energy and prevents hair growth on the treated area of ​​the skin. Thanks to modern technology, laser radiation does not harm tissues and skin. This is a significant advantage of laser hair removal equipment, which occupies a leading position in the production market. That is, its safety during handling is tried and tested. The laser is suitable for any type of phototype, as well as for hypersensitive skin. Thanks to the unique surface of the sapphire nozzle, the treatment takes place comfortably even for people with a very low pain threshold. By combining the unique capabilities of the sapphire wavelength and the diode device, advanced laser equipment technologies allow epilation all year round, including summer, during the active solar period. The "gold standards" of hair removal have a positive effect on damaged follicles, prevent the incarnation of the hair and gently treat the surface of the skin.


The advantages of diode laser equipment

● Painless. Thanks to the irreplaceable advantage - the presence of a sapphire tip, there is a cooling function that completely protects the fabric from overheating. The light pulses (flashes), emitted during epilation, resemble slightly tingling movements, which are also absolutely comfortable for patients.

● Efficiency and speed of the procedure The diode laser for hair removal has passed clinical tests and has demonstrated the quality of its work. This equipment has been used in Italy for 10 years. The duration of a laser therapy session ranges from 15 to 60 minutes.

● Wide range of action. The equipment can be used both for epilation and for the removal of various aesthetic defects (pigmentation, hair growth, problematic skin).

● No limitation for skin and hair color, hair removal is also performed on very dark skin at any time of the year.

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