Depilight laser diode for laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation

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The online store is pleased to present to your attention a modern diode laser from South Korea - Depilight. A feature of the system is the possibility of a combination of pulses and a large spot size, so that it is possible to achieve guaranteed results of hair removal on any skin type.

Indications for use

The Depilight diode laser was developed for the following procedures:

permanent reduction in unwanted hair growth;

reduction of excessive hair growth in women and men;

folliculitis treatment;

elimination of irritation after shaving;

elimination of ingrown hair;

smoothing facial wrinkles and fine lines;

skin lightening;

acne treatment;

non-surgical tightening of sagging skin;

post-acne correction.

Although the patient will be able to observe positive changes after 1-2 treatments, a full course of procedures is required to obtain a lasting result. Their number varies from 3 to 6 sessions, depending on the processing area, skin type, color and hair structure. This is due to the growth cycle. The laser is able to remove only actively growing hairs, and since there are no more than 30% of them on the body, intervals between procedures of 4-6 weeks are assigned so that the growth of all vegetation is activated.

After treatment, erythema and redness may appear, which usually disappear within a few hours. Although the hair is likely to grow back, their structure will change - they will become thinner and lighter. The result depends on the texture (dark hairs respond better to laser hair removal than light ones). As a rule, a permanent result cannot be obtained, but instead a long-term reduction in hair growth is obtained.

Operating principle

A diode laser is rightfully considered the “gold standard” for hair removal. With its help, a constant reduction of vegetation is carried out on any part of the body. The device generates a wavelength of 808 nm, which is the most optimal radiation to remove unwanted vegetation.

Laser radiation targets the pigment melanin, which is concentrated in the hair follicles. From overheating, melanin is destroyed, causing the death of the follicle. As a result, hair growth slows down by 5-6 years, depending on the individual characteristics of the body.

Distinctive advantages

Depilight has several advantages:

The large spot size and high pulse repetition rate allows you to quickly process large areas of the body. Thanks to this, the time of both the session itself and the entire course is reduced.

Since the manipulator is ergonomic, with its help a specialist will be able to process even hard-to-reach areas of the body.

The ability to combine pulses allows you to get guaranteed results for a person with any type of skin.

Laser hair removal using this device can be performed on all skin phototypes. The power of diode emitters allows you to do this effectively without any harm to health.

In addition to laser hair removal, the device can be used to rejuvenate and correct certain skin defects.

Even with high power output, the sapphire tip prevents overheating, as a result of which the procedure is absolutely comfortable and painless.

The energy supply is continuous, and this is considered a more advanced technology.

The power of the device is 360 W, which minimizes the risk of side effects.

During the manipulation there is no need for consumables.

In addition, the installation has a minimalistic design that will look beneficial in all interiors. And the absence of noise during operation makes the manipulation comfortable for both the patient and the doctor.

Hair Removal Options

For each area of ​​the device settings are selected individually:


FDP mode / 10 J / 10 Hz (6 passes) + DP mode I / 22 ~ 24 J / (1 pass)

Bikini line

FDP mode / 10 J / 10 Hz (6 passes) + DP mode I / 20 ~ 22 J / (1 pass)


Women's - DP I / 24 ~ 26 J (30 J for fine hair) / Short (2 passes) Men's - DP I / 20 ~ 22 J / Short (2 passes)

The area above the upper lip

Female - DP II / 5 ~ 6 J mode (2 - 3 passes) Male - DP I / 10 J mode → 14 ~ 16 J / Short (2 passes).

Rejuvenation options

When correcting skin defects, the settings also depend on the specific condition and processing area:


1. DP I / 20-24 J / 3 Hz. (Direction vector, 3-4 passes) 2. FDP / 12 J / 10 Hz (more than 5 passes at a distance of 2-3 mm above the skin surface to narrow the pores).


1. DP I / 20 J / 2 Hz. (Direction vector, 2-3 passes) 2. FDP / 12 J / 10 Hz (more than 5 passes at a distance of 2-3 mm above the skin surface to narrow the pores).

Nasolabial folds

1. DP I / 22 J / 3 Hz. (Direction vector, 2-3 passes) 2. FDP / 12 J / 10 Hz (more than 5 passes at a distance of 2-3 mm above the skin surface to narrow the pores). Taboo for use Use of the device is prohibited with such contraindications:

pregnancy and lactation;

cardiovascular pathology;

psychical deviations;

feverish conditions;


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