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One of the most popular cosmetic procedures is peeling oxygen. Apparatus for oxygen therapy cleans AS918 - fast and efficient solution of many problems of beauty, with the help of the impact of two major components - oxygen and water. With the help of this equipment may carry out both surface and deep exfoliation "grinding" of a person.

Thus, based on the device for peeling AS918 put sophisticated technology akvarevitalizatsii skin. With advanced equipment for packing oxygen peeling creates a stream of microdroplets of gases and liquids, which develops the speed of 300 m / s, it has excellent dynamic characteristics.

The effect of the procedures carried out by the apparatus AS918 is getting rid of scars and stretch marks, acne and acne scars, as well as the removal of comedones, and even age spots, tightening of the soft tissues, the problem of oily skin lightening and moisturizing skin laxity and even correction and modeling of facial contours. The procedure is harmless, it is important that the oxygen peels can be performed even in cases where all other types of peels are contraindicated.

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