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The device is multifunctional because it includes not only the SHR photoepilation function, but also the super removal of unwanted hair and skin rejuvenation. This device allows to obtain excellent results. SHR technology reduces hair growth through the destruction of germ cells and allows you to eliminate over 80% of unwanted hair. This procedure is non-invasive and drastically reduces the possibility of causing damage to the skin.

With the use of this device it is also possible to solve or mitigate the following skin problems:

Acne and scars

Couperose and telangiectasias

Unwanted hair and hypertrichosis


The photorejuvenation of the skin allows to biologically stimulate the formation of new collagen and, in such a way, to erase the signs of aging.

Among the main advantages of this device are 3 handpieces included for the different areas of the body:

1. handpiece with variable filter, with the size of the point 12 30mm2 and allows to treat small parts of the face.

2. handpiece with fixed filter and size of the point 15 30 mm2 for the legs.

3. handpiece with fixed filter the size of point 8 15mm2, designed for underarms and hair removal in the bikini area.

Technical features:

Power supply voltage: 220V / 110V

Output power: 4000w

Light energy: 1-50 J / cm2, adjustable

Pulse frequency: 1-10Hz, adjustable

Wavelength: 480nm, 530nm, 590nm, 640nm, 690nm

Pulse interval: 0.1s / 0.2s / 0.3s / 0.5s / 1s

The cooling system: USA cooler, air and water cooling, cooling gel

One of the advantages of the device is that it has the SHR lamps from the United States which have the longest life and the integrated water and plug-play power connector which is very safe and stable, guarantees the best cooling. The device has an alarm system that controls the water temperature and air flow to avoid unexpected damage.

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