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This appliance is intended for radiofrequency therapy and vacuum massage. The main purpose is slimming, toning and skin care. The procedure is painless, it allows to fight cellulite nodules and localized adiposity. Thanks to the radiofrequency applications, the deeper layers of the skin begin to regenerate and then the new collagen is produced and the lifting effect appears.

With this device you can perform radiofrequency therapy for areas of the face and body and also do the vacuum massage. 5 handpieces with different sizes are included: 4mm 7mm, 8mm 25mm, 30mm 50mm, 40mm 60mm, 80mm 120mm. The small handpieces are intended for face radio frequency, have a frequency of 5mhz. The middle handpiece has the function of freezing. The 40 60 mm handpiece includes 40 kHz cavitation and the larger handpiece allows you to perform the vacuum massage.

Technical features:

- Power supply: 220V, 50 / 60Hz

- Working method: 2 types

- Radio frequency: 5MHz

- Cavitation: 40kHz

- Vacuum of 20- 90 kpa

- Pulse: 0.5-7.5 sec

- Radio frequency density: 99j /

This appliance is equipped with a multi touch screen.

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