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The Globus line features an innovative device for professional use in RF Clinic Body beauty centers with 10 programs. Among modern technologies of aesthetic medicine, radio frequency is more popular. This treatment is pleasant, non-invasive, painless and very effective. It is based on the principle of heat transfer. The radio frequency flow produces heat which stimulates the cellular metabolism of the treated tissues. The heat energy activates the fibroblasts and new collagen begins to be produced. Later the skin becomes smooth and toned.

 The Globus RF Clinic Body generates radio frequency waves that eliminate wrinkles and other imperfections and stimulate the regeneration of skin tissue. Radio frequency also recovers skin elasticity and eliminates the imperfections caused by exposure to sunlight.

Thanks to special technology, the Globus Rf Clinic Body device allows you to control all the pulse parameters and adjust the frequency from 470 KHz to 2 MHz, choose the duration and power of treatment and in this way make the application with maximum effectiveness both surface and in deep treatment.

The first results will be already after the first treatment, but to maintain the satisfactory result it is necessary to carry out at least 3 sessions.

10 free programs, 4 face programs and 6 skin programs are included:


Face wrinkles

Wrinkle eyes

Face acne

Face micro-lifting

Body wrinkles

Sensitive skin wrinkles

Micro-lifting decollete

Stretch Marks

Elasticity of the skin

Bio-Skin Collagen


Technical features:

Mains power supply: 220 V / 50-60 Hz or battery

Power 200 W

Outlets: 1 handpiece; 1 RF Clinic 100

Dimensions: 17x22x6cm

Coupling system: resistive


1 RF Clinic 100 handpiece

1 Globus RF Clinic Body unit

User manual

1 Gel pack

Carrying case

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