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This appliance is a professional tool for the elimination of unwanted hair. Diode laser technology guarantees hair removal already after the first session. For best results it is recommended to do a course of procedures. During the treatment, the laser beam penetrates the skin and acts directly on the hair bulb which absorbs energy and is destroyed. After this the follicle is no longer capable of producing hair.

The laser hair removal procedure is suitable for all hair types, except colored hair. There are almost no contraindications for this procedure because they are rare. A laser hair removal course guarantees the removal of unwanted hair forever.

This device has diode lasers with 808nm wavelength. The pulse width is automatically controlled by the program. The handpiece is very comfortable and allows you to treat the most delicate areas.

Technical data:

Power supply: 220V, 50-60Hz

Cooling system: air + water + contact with cooling crystal

Light energy: 1-166 J / cm2

Frequency: 10Hz

Pulse duration: 10-400ms

Includes handpiece with dimensions 15x15mm2 (diode laser) and 25x25mm (head)

The color screen allows you to check and choose the program of the procedure

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