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Certainly, the chief performer of beauty procedures is a beautician; and various devices are only secondary assistants. However,even to the most skillful expertcan not work without competent assistantin such direction of cosmetology as the pressuretherapy.Because one session of hardware pressuretherapy replaces 10-15 sessions of manualmassage.

The device of the pressuretherapy“S 170 C1T”is a clever and multipurpose decision.It has three automatic modesand manual regulation of the massage program.

This device for air massage is completed with a suit (high boots, gloves, wide belt), which is consisted of fourteen airbags, which are applied both locally and everywhere. The possibility of alternate work with increased and lowered pressureis one more useful option of this product.This promotes improvement of lymph and the blue blood circulation.This helps eliminate toxins.

The pressuretherapy willnot only makekilograms thaw and centimeters decrease, but also it will give your client a feeling of lightness, youth and happiness, and give your salon popularity and recognition.

Characteristics of the S 170 C1T pressotherapy apparatus

Characteristics of pressotherapy

Number of work programs, pcs. 4

Number of pillows in a suit, pcs. 14

Average value of pressure in the cuffs, mm Hg 110

Press / vacuum cycle alternation interval, min 0.5-2

Average session duration, min 45

Equipment set

S 170 C1T device, 1 piece

long bandages-boots for legs, 2 pcs

wide bandage for thighs and abdomen, piece 1

long arm bands, 2 pcs

press blanket for general massage1

General characteristics

Mains parameters 220V, 50 Hz

Power consumption, W 70

Box size with control unit, cm 51x40x29

Box size with a suit, cm 90x40x13

Weight, kg 10.8

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