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Now the pressure therapy(or the pulse aeropiezotherapy), became the integral component of fight against extra kilos and obesity.

The device of the pressure therapy“S 170 C2S” has compact and convenient control panel and a sixteen-channel suit, in which air under pressure movesby a two-section cuff. The suit consists of separate parts (boots, gloves, a belt) for local massage and the pressure-blanket, which is necessary at implementation of the general pressure therapy.

The device“S 170 C2S” has the extensive scope - from cosmetology to medicine:

-fight against kilograms and centimeters;

-improvement of a bloodstream and lymphatic drainage;

-increase of organism’s resistance to stress;

-normalization of intestines’ work (thanks to imitation of muscular reductions);

-disposal of excess liquid;

-rehabilitation after operations;

-normalization of a blood pressure.

Features of the S-170 C2S pressotherapy apparatus

Number of work programs, pcs. 4

Number of air supply channels, pcs. 2

Number of channels in a suit, pcs. sixteen

Press / vacuum cycle alternation interval, min. 0.5-2

Average cuff pressure, mm Hg 110

Equipment set

S-170 C2S apparatus, pcs. 1

long special boots for legs, pcs. 2

wide bandage sleeve for hips and abdomen, pcs. 1

long bandages-gloves, pcs. 2

press blanket for general massage 1

General characteristics

Control unit dimensions, cm 40x47x118

Network parameters 200-240V, 50 Hz

Power consumption, W 70

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