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Among the most requested services on the modern market are aesthetic treatments for face and body care. Body skin care usually goes hand in hand with massage, anti-cellulite and anti-obesity treatments. A valid option for a quick return on investments in the cosmetic sector is the purchase of cosmetic equipment which is very advantageous since modern machines are now all multifunctional. An example of a modern and highly technological product, perfect for starting an activity is the S 170 ES pressure therapy device

With this device you can perform different treatments:

Pressotherapy: mechanical "wave" massage

Electromyostimulation: by acting with weak microcurrents on the skin and muscle tissue, the effects of pressotherapy are improved, although treatment with microcurrents can be performed separately from pressotherapy. The principle of operation lies in the contraction of the muscles under the action of the current.

Physiotherapy: thanks to infrared rays, a deep "heating" of the dermis and muscle tissue takes place. As a result of this heating there is an acceleration of cellular metabolism.

It is important to underline that the S 170 ES pressure therapy device allows you to work with customized programs, performing all treatments together or separately depending on the client's objective.

The device is ideal for anti-cellulite, anti-obesity treatments, post-operative recovery, resolution of post-traumatic problems, chronic venous insufficiency, for the prevention of thrombosis and to bring relief after training.

The S 170 ES pressure therapy device is equipped with:

- for pressotherapy: twenty massaging units and seven collars;

- for electrostimulation: twelve electrodes for the different parts of the body;

- temperature sensors and heating elements with a temperature increase of up to 70-75 C for all parts of the massage suit.

All these functions are carried out in combination with a multi-level control system which prevents any malfunction.

Characteristics of the S 170 ES

Characteristics of pressotherapy

Number of air supply channels, pcs. ten

Number of channels in a suit, pcs. 20

Number of cuff-bandages, pcs. 7

Average cuff pressure, mm Hg 110

Characteristics of electromyostimulation

Type of current during myostimulation - AC pulses

Average pulse duration, ms 50

Pause duration between pulses, ms 500

Pulse filling current frequency, kHz 1.3

Pulse current strength (at an equivalent load of 1.0 kOhm), mA 3-18

Number of electrodes, pcs. ten

IR heating characteristics

Maximum heating temperature, 0С 40

General characteristics

Mains voltage, V 220

Mains frequency, Hz 50

Power consumption, W 300

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