Vacuum roller massage device LPG-107

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The Anchorfree device for cavitation ultrasound liposuction guarantees the remodeling and slimming of your body, improving blood circulation and reducing cellulite. The cavitation procedure is safe and effective in the fight against cellulite on the most problematic areas. Thanks to a system combined with vuto aspiration, the membranes of the fat cells are broken and then are metabolized by the body with the lymphatic system.

The cavitation procedure is painless and guarantees an ideal effect for body remodeling. During the pulsed treatment, lymphatic drainage is performed which accelerates the metabolism and improves the skin. Some cavitation procedures reduce and eliminate cellulite and improve the skin.

The device is equipped with three different handpieces with five applicators.

Technical features:

Power supply: 220V

Cavitation: 40KHz

Radio frequency: 1Mhz

Input power: 850VA

And equipped with color screen to choose a necessary program

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