Di TRAVIATA diode laser for hair removal with 755, 808, 1064 nm radiation

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In the LA TRAVIATA device (made in Spain), a solid-state laser (diode) with a wavelength of 755, 808, 1064 nm is used for epilation. This radiation penetrates even the deepest layers of the skin and is intensely absorbed by the melanin of the hair follicles, which ensures maximum efficiency of laser hair removal, regardless of the color and thickness of the hair.

Radiations with different wavelengths penetrate the tissue at different depths and with different intensities affect the hair follicles:

755 nm radiation is the most effective for the treatment of skin of phototypes I-III. It allows you to remove hair of different types and colors, but the best result is obtained on light and thin hairs;

808 nm radiation is used for all skin phototypes (I to VI) and diode lasers with this wavelength are characterized by high power, which allows procedures on any part of the body;

1064 nm radiation penetrates deeper into the tissue and copes with epilation on dark skin (phototype IV-VI). Light with this wavelength also provides effective treatment for the bikini line and armpits.

The LA TRAVIATA model is completed by a radiant head that generates light at three wavelengths, which guarantees maximum epilation efficiency and allows you to remove unwanted hair from different parts of the body. For the most precise setting of the intensity of the exposure, the modulation of the pulse width of the light radiation is used in the LA TRAVIATA laser, which provides effective treatment without the risk of damaging the surrounding tissues. To prevent overheating of the tissues and the occurrence of pain, the device is equipped with a cooling system that uses the most advanced technologies.

Advantages of the LA TRAVIATA laser model:

A new hose with temperature control is used directly on its case, which allows you to completely avoid the occurrence of pain and offers maximum comfort at work. The hose cooling system can be used both during the epilation procedure and after.

An integrated diode emitter is used in the hose, which generates light at three wavelengths - 755, 808, 1064 nm and ensures effective hair removal of all types of hair in people with any skin color. LA TRAVIATA effectively eliminates even light, dark, black and gray hairs.

To eliminate tissue overheating, an innovative semiconductor skin cooling system is used.

The control menu allows you to select the desired skin type and hair type, thus facilitating the work of the beautician.

The model uses software with a large number of preset modes and allows you to manually adjust the session parameters and then save the settings in the device memory.

Customers who purchase the laser for epilation from EMS Beauty through the, will have the opportunity to take a free course, at the end of the course a certificate will be issued. Our specialists train customer staff in their clinic or salon. Furthermore, it is also possible to follow the course in videochat mode.

Main requirements of the LA TRAVIATA laser:

Type of diode laser

Wavelength of laser radiation, nm 755, 808, 1064

Conductor material Sapphire

Light spot size, 14x14 nm

Pulse frequency, Hz 1-20

Duration of the impulse, ms 10-400

Energy density, J / cm2 1 - 120

Output power, W 800

Laser cooling temperature, ° C -5 ... + 5

Air + water + semiconductor + sapphire cooling

Cooling water temperature, 20-30 ° С

Supply voltage ~ 230В 50Hz / ~ 110В 60Hz

Power consumption, VA 2000

Rated power, W 3000

Fuse F250V L15A


Package size, cm:

109х62х48 machine

hose 33х46х12

Net weight, kg:

machine 49

Head 1.9


Warranty period 2 years or 20000000 "flash"

producer Spain

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