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Before performing any treatment of the face, or to carry out cosmetic procedures - you need to conduct a thorough inspection of the skin surface. Just identify any abnormalities to diagnose them and to determine skin type; can be carried out and treatment and cosmetic procedures. For such important goals designed T-01D: portable mirror optical system for skin analysis.

This complex is a portable mirror / 40 x 39 x 41 cm with a body made of carbon fiber; - Use of modern digital technology of color RGB and UF-spectra. The system makes it possible to photograph the local areas of the skin for subsequent visual analysis. Diagnosis and treatment. It will help the doctor or cosmetologist to find out the state of pigmentation of the dermis to determine the type and status. After visual inspection is possible to show the client strategy and tactics in implementing procedures in view of sensitivity and skin condition of injury these procedures. Then, after the start of therapeutic or cosmetic procedures; can be viewed / auto-sensing to carry out these local areas in the dynamics of the changes that occur under the influence of such exposure.

In completing the T-01D: portable optical mirror system for skin analysis includes fifteen megapixel camera with autofocus, voice control system. Types of diagnostics with this unit:

  • epidermis: the analysis of the depth of colors, all the properties of the skin and skin problems
  • depth analysis of the skin;
  • visual inspection of the wrinkles: characteristics, frequency, depth, possible to deal with them
  • visual inspection of freckles: their features.
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