Diode Aroma Grand laser for laser hair removal

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The "EMS Beaty" company is pleased to present to your attention a modern Aroma Grand diode laser. The large stitch size and super powerful cooling will allow you to quickly and painlessly get rid of unwanted hair on any type of skin.

Equipment functionality

The Aroma Grand diode laser is the "gold standard" of epilation. Helps eliminate unwanted hair on any part of the body, eliminate the problem of ingrown hair, heal folliculitis and forget about irritation after shaving. The laser generates a wavelength of 808-810 nm, which is the most optimal for removing unwanted hair. The purpose of radiation - the melanin pigmen

Technical characteristics

Weight, kg 60

Dimensions, cm 48x64x123

Laser type diode

Wavelength 808 nm

Supply voltage, V 220

Spot size 14x15 mm

Pulse frequency, Hz 1-10

Pulse duration, ms 10-800

Power, W 600t in the hair follicles.

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