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Want your center to be equipped with the best diode laser? Then pay attention to the D-Las-120. High power and technology perfection will allow easy but effective laser hair removal.

Cosmetic application

The D-Las-120 laser is a diode generating a wavelength of 808 nm. This type of radiation is considered the best because it is able to remove unwanted vegetation on almost all skin types efficiently and safely. The laser operates on the principle of selective photothermolysis: energy heats the pigment melanin inside the hair follicle, causing its destruction.

It is worth noting that the hair does not fall out instantly - the process of killing the follicle takes 2 weeks. But the high efficiency of the technology is due to the fact that only part of the energy goes into the pigment - the second part goes along the trunk. Due to this, the laser beam penetrates deeper, coping with deeply located follicles even in hard-to-reach areas.

But, despite this, the use of a laser on an African American skin can nevertheless cause irreversible complications, so for this type of skin it is better to prefer a neodymium laser. In general, for a course of procedures from 3-8 sessions (depending on the treatment area, skin type, hair color and their individual growth rate), you can get rid of all unwanted vegetation for a long period. The hair will either not grow at all for several years, or will be thinner and invisible than before.

Technology benefits

Distinctive features of D-Las-120 are:

The high efficiency and safety of the system is due to the triple cooling system and the ergonomic design of the manipulator, which makes it easy to process even hard-to-reach areas.

The high quality of components guarantees a long service life of the device without the need for replacement.

A simple and intuitive interface guarantees quick mastering of settings even by a novice specialist.

The high power of the device allows you to process large areas of the body in one procedure, thereby reducing the session time and the course as a whole.

Immediately upon completion of the treatment, a person can return to his usual affairs, because a rehabilitation period is not required.

The use of the apparatus is the minimum list of contraindications.

In addition, during the procedure, anesthesia is not required, since the cooling system prevents overheating, burns and any unpleasant sensations.


You can order D-Las-120 at a bargain price through the online store. We supply equipment directly from manufacturers, due to which its cost is 10% lower than anywhere else in the country. In addition, we provide free training in operating rules.

You can clarify the missing details with the store manager on the phones that you see on the site. Or leave a request and they will call you back during business hours.

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