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The small size ADRIANO diode laser is a good example of the fact that a device with very small dimensions can be an ideal device for laser hair removal and skin revitalization. This device belongs to the category of universal devices for hair removal - ADRIANO removes all types of hair on the skin of any shade (types I-VI) and has a great resource of working life, which allows you to have a significant saving on the purchase of hoses out of order. At the same time, it is capable of performing a wide range of cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate the dermis, correct age-related changes, and can also be used with no less success to treat diseases and eliminate environmental effects on cell health. .

Laser capability

Like any device model with a diode pulse generator, the ADRIANO laser uses 808 nm of light for procedures. This wavelength is characterized by a great depth of penetration of the rays into various layers of cells and a high degree of absorption of energy by the melanocytes, concentrated mainly in the hair follicles. The good penetrating capacity of the radiation and the selective absorption of energy by the follicles have guaranteed the status of universal devices for epilation for diode appliances. The ability to selectively heat cells of a certain class allows these devices to successfully remove hair of almost all colors and shades on the skin of phototype I-VI (on the Fitzpatrick scale), and some defects in the work are found only when very light hair on pale skin is treated. The ability to transfer light energy in all layers of the dermis determines another sphere of application of ADRIANO - rejuvenation and revitalization procedures of the dermis.

The ADRIANO laser will be widely used in the following cases:

epilation of any type of hair on all parts of the body;

even darkening of the epidermis, when photodepilation becomes ineffective and dangerous;

rejuvenation of all layers of the dermal cells to restore its tonicity and elasticity;

intensive regeneration of collagen for the restoration of the protein skeleton of the subdermal layer;

smoothing of small wrinkles;

improved cell nutrition, more intensive oxygen nourishment;

in a number of other cases that require the intensification of biological processes.

The advantages of the ADRIANO laser

The device has an impressive list of features specific to this model, which provide significant advantages over many other models of devices for epilating with consistent radiation.

The main features are:

use of stationary and moution modalities that allow accurate treatment of small areas and large areas of the body surface;

high maximum power, wide range of radiation characteristics adjustment;

large emitter window, which provides a high epilation speed;

no hyperpigmentation of the epidermis after treatment;

total absence of pain during the sessions thanks to the use of sapphire and thermoelectric cooling in the hoses;

effective reduction of the block temperature due to a combination of water and air cooling;

the warranty period of the diode unit of the hose is 4 million pulses, but the real working period with the original characteristics is 20 million pulses;

high stability of all the parameters of the appliance thanks to the use of parts and units from the best manufacturers in the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy;

a large number of preset modes for different types of procedures with the possibility of additional settings for each patient, depending on the characteristics of his skin and hair;

reduced device size and weight;

full performance retention at maximum air temperature + 45 ° C.

You can buy this unique diode laser on the site, you will also have the opportunity to take a free feature learning course. The experts of the center will teach you to correctly use the new appliance, the course can also be followed remotely.

Technical requirements of the device:

Type: diode, 808 nm, 600 W (Germany)

Stitch size: 14 14 mm

Pulse parameters:

Energy: 20 J

Adjustable density: 1-120 J / cm2

Duration: 5-200 ms

Repetition frequency: 1-10 Hz

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