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The S2 diode laser for hair removal - a new model in the class of fixed devices for hair removal, which effectively performs skin manipulations of phototypes I to VI. Despite the relatively low price, in terms of parameters and reliability, it is not inferior to the epilation devices of the most famous manufacturers and is able to remove all types of hair with the same speed and efficiency. Therefore, the device in its characteristics and reliability is completely similar to the products of the company Alma Lasers, but differs from similar diode devices from this manufacturer with other software of the main unit and a lower price. This combination of excellent quality and low price makes it an attractive option for newly opened beauty salons, helping to significantly expand the list of services provided with minimal initial costs and the excellent quality of hair removal procedures.

Characteristics of the S2laser

The company that has been supplying complex cosmetic equipment for many years and repairs high-tech devices such as Alma Lasers diode hoses, recommends Italian cosmetologists to pay close attention to this model for a number of reasons.

The interesting features of S2 for specialists are:

excellent performance characteristics: maximum power, wide range of repetition frequency adjustment, energy, pulse duration;

excellent stability in maintaining parameters during work;

high level of safety for human skin;

the ability to remove hair on any part of the face and body without resuming hair growth on these areas;

great speed and effectiveness of hair removal;

wide skin coverage, which contributes to the acceleration of the session;

full hardware and software compatibility (interchangeability) of the device hoses with similar lasers by Alma Lasers;

good stable cooling of the system unit and the emitting diodes of the hose;

reliable liquid cooling system of the hose and the main unit with multi-stage water filtration;

low price and high quality, which make the S2 model a worthy choice for beauty salons.

Recall that although the S2 diode laser is an economic model, it still implies that there is an adequate level of preparation for the operators who use it in their work.

To allow our customers' staff to improve their qualifications and use the device with maximum efficiency, we provide free training courses for customers, during which specialists receive all the knowledge necessary to successfully manage new equipment.

S2 device parameters:

Type of diode radiation

Radiation power, W 900

Wavelength, nm 808 ± 10

Pulse width, ms 5 ~ 200

Repetition rate, Hz 1 ~ 10

Energy, J 100

Dimension of the "point", 10x20 mm

Leather cooling Double TEC + sapphire with the temperature down to -5 ° C

Cooling of the coolant laser with filter

10 inch LCD screen

Mains voltage 110V / 220V 50-60Hz

Operating conditions:

Air temperature, ° C + 5 ... + 45

Relative humidity,% up to 100

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