Diode laser for hair removal SILVANO II

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The EMS Beauty company is pleased to present to your attention the three-wavelength laser SILVANO II made in Italy. The characteristics of the equipment will please even the most seasoned specialists.

Distinctive features

SILVANO II is a laser that generates three types of radiation: 755 nm, 808 nm, 1064 nm. The equipment is used for laser hair removal of any type of hair on all skin phototypes, including the skin of African Americans.

The advantage of SILVANO II is that it is equipped with a large spot size, due to which it can quickly treat large areas of the body. And the presence of a non-stop mode allows you to work continuously for 24 hours, performing an unlimited number of procedures per day, due to which the device quickly pays for itself.

Separately, it is worth noting the cooling system. Combined triple cooling (water + air + semiconductor) ensures safe performance of procedures on skin of any color without the risk of burns or hyperpigmentation. In addition, the same system prevents overheating of the device for its smooth operation.

The frequency and energy of the pulses allows you to quickly deal with unwanted hair over large areas. A set of ready-made and professional processing parameters allows specialists of different levels of training to work with the laser. The device's interface is intuitive, making it easy to understand its settings.

To order the SILVANO II laser, leave a request for a call back, and the store manager will call you back during business hours.

Technical specifications

Production - Italy

Spot size - 15x25 mm

Pulse energy - 1-125 J/cm2

Pulse duration - 10-400 ms

Pulse frequency - 1-20 Hz

Diode power - 3000 W

Handpiece resource - 20,000,000 flashes

Continuous operation time - 24 hours

Cooling - water+air+semiconductor

Power consumption - 3000 W

Net weight - 75 kg

Gross weight - 80 kg

Warranty - 2 years

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