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The Diode Hair Removal Laser is an advanced and effective device designed specifically for removing unwanted hair. Combining high performance and innovative features, this laser is the ideal choice for professional beauty salons and clinics.

One of the key features of this laser is its ability to work with three different wavelengths: 755, 808 and 1064 nm. This allows the hair removal procedure to be adapted to different skin and hair types, ensuring optimal results in each case.

The laser has a wide energy density range ranging from 1 to 120 J/cm2. This allows you to precisely control and adjust the intensity of the impact on the hair follicles, ensuring effective and painless hair removal.

The operating frequency of the laser can be adjusted from 1 to 10 Hz, allowing you to adjust the speed and frequency of the treatment depending on the requirements and preferences of the client. The laser pulse width varies from 5ms to 400ms, allowing you to fine-tune the epilation process for optimal results.

The output power of this laser is 3000W, and the laser rods have a power of 1500W, providing stability and high efficiency to the hair follicles. This guarantees fast and effective hair removal even with high intensity of use.

The laser operates in a pulse output mode, which provides an accurate and targeted effect on the target area, minimizing the possible risks of damage to surrounding tissues. This contributes to a safe and comfortable epilation procedure.

Management and control of procedure parameters are carried out through a 10-inch color touch screen. This intuitive display provides convenient and easy control of all functions and settings of the hair removal laser. You can easily select the desired parameters and control the output energy, which ensures accuracy and optimal results of the procedure.

One important safety aspect when using a diode laser for hair removal is the protective temperature interface selection function. You can set the temperature limit to 55℃, which helps to prevent overheating and ensure safety during the procedure.

Diode laser hair removal is a reliable and effective solution for removing unwanted hair. Due to its high technical characteristics, it provides a powerful and precise action on the hair follicles, providing long-lasting results.

This laser is ideal for use in professional beauty salons and clinics, where professional technicians can use it to perform hair removal procedures with high efficiency and safety.

Diode laser for hair removal is an innovative and effective device that provides a comfortable and effective procedure for removing unwanted hair. The combination of different wavelengths, wide range of energy densities, adjustable operating frequency and pulse width make it a versatile tool for various skin and hair types.


Wavelength 755/808/1064nm

Energy density 1-120J/cm2

Operating frequency 1~10Hz

Output power 3000W

Laser rods 1500 W

Pulse Width 5ms ~ 400ms

Output mode Pulse output

Language Standard English

display 10" color touch screen

55℃ protective temperature interface selection

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