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Features Laser The length of the light wave 808 5 nm Cooling system - water, solid The intensity of 1-50 J / cm2 Spot diameter 14x12 mm The frequency of 10 Hz The pulse duration 10-400 ms Dimensions 64 x 49 x 51 cm  ... Read more...

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Features Laser

The length of the light wave 808 5 nm

Cooling system - water, solid

The intensity of 1-50 J / cm2

Spot diameter 14x12 mm

The frequency of 10 Hz

The pulse duration 10-400 ms

Dimensions 64 x 49 x 51 cm


The driving forces of the beauty industry are enormous, and the progress which is updated nomenclature of devices and techniques beauty truly mesmerizing. Constantly improving and methods of laser elimination of unwanted hair, two more can be added to the arsenal of the wizard: a selective and homogeneous photothermolysis.

Bio-target, which directed the action of the laser epilation - it is the keratinocytes of the hair and its stem cells, but neither they nor the other do not contain a chromophore - a group of atoms that "give" color himsoedineniyu, so their exposure to focused light energy (laser) does not seem possible. For the successful outcome of hair removal as a "detonator" which destroys the hair, using the cage - melanocytes that produce the color pigment melanin, which has an excellent property of absorbing light infrared. The energy of the light beam is transformed into heat, destroying melanocytes pigment carriers themselves and as a consequence, burns adjoining thereto living cells and hair follicles. Thus, the method of selective (selective) lesions - photothermolysis - aimed at a direct loss, transformed into an extended technique of selective photothermolysis. It destroys the hair derived from the primary heat between the transmitter light into heat energy, and the main "target" of defeat is quite a distance.

Thus, a single session will remove the hairs that are included in the active phase, and to eliminate the visible hair growth almost completely. But follicles remain dormant, will start its active phase after about a month, that s when the time comes for the next procedure. On the extensive problem area in order to achieve a visible proof effect need to spend approximately 5 procedures. It should be noted that, given the identity of the process of hair growth, the duration of the course for each patient is different, and predict it in advance can not be without error. Serious endocrine changes require a greater number of sessions for the absolute elimination of hair. Hence the different hardware versions lasers differing wavelength light power radiated energy and duration of the light pulse.


It is necessary to understand the distinctive features of the basic design of the laser.

Alexandrite laser generates waves with a length of 755 nm, pulse frequency bursts of about 5Hz. It is important that such a laser eliminates skin irritation, it is not damaging it. However, treatment of alexandrite laser dark skin is fraught with severe burns, and to remove all inefficient light hairs.

Laser modifications of Nd: YAG is capable of producing radiation which minimally absorbed by the skin, ie. K. Penetrates only its deep layers. Generating possible on optical wavelength of 1064 nm. These lasers can be operated continuously and the pulses.

The ruby laser emits wavelengths of 694 nm pulse of about 3 msec, enabling the flow of energy of 40-60 J / cm2. Use this type of laser is necessary, taking into account some of the limitations associated with the liquidation of hair color, and skin type e.

There is another kind - the diode laser that generates light bundle of 80-nm wavelength, pulse frequency of 1 Hz, the duration of the outbreak ranged 5-30 ms. Unfortunately, diode laser hair removal as Alexandrite, does not provide a complete elimination of light hair and dark skin safety.

When selecting the light source should be guided by the balance method effectiveness and its safety. Numerous clinical studies have shown the procedure that the best in all of these ways still is a diode laser.

Using a laser diode provides an opportunity to get rid of unwanted hair, without making adjustments for the year; Such lasers with minimal melanin absorption will give the most lasting effect.


It is important to know that for the best results, you must provide the correct line of penetration (to 4 mm), so deep and penetrating beam of the diode laser, and it is much deeper than the radiation of other types of lasers. This impressive efficiency is achieved due to the balanced performance laser system, namely:

- Flux density of light energy, J / cm2, the rate that determines the probability of target destruction, this laser it is high;

- Pulse duration - the length of the laser light flash - for example, the flash duration is much more effective for the removal of thick hair with a high content of melanin, while the elimination of fine hair preferred short pulse duration;

- To implement an efficient cooling system, designed to reduce the level of pain provoking influence of the laser, it is necessary to organize the removal of heat from the skin. This can be done in several ways, but the best reputation earned contact cooling system, performing their functions both during the action of the laser, and at termorelaksatsii. Their effectiveness is due to the use of sapphire tips of special construction. Apply the same cryogels and artificial ventilation of cold air. Well established in the short pulse of cooling spray-spec;

- The area of the light spot - the bigger it is, the less light scattering of photons fibers of the skin, clinically proven, that the expansion of the area up to 4mm2 and while maintaining other parameters, the effect is improved by about 10%.

An example of a successful combination of the above characteristics is the model of the device diode hair removal laser D-las 45 from the German manufacturer. Here are the advantages:

- The possibility of a combination of laser and bipolar radio, which leads to a considerable enhancement of the effect of hair removal as a dark (thick) and light hair;

- The unit is applicable for hair removal sessions on all types of skin;

- D-las 45 has a wide range of the light pulse;

- This unit provides maximum performance and relatively painless procedures;

- It is equipped with contact cooling: radiator is attached to the sapphire plate cooling;

- It has a color display and a user-friendly interface that provides convenience and peace of mind in the work of the master;

- A substantial proportion of the light spot guarantees the excellent work of the staff;

- Such a laser device generates a powerful flow of energy light that increases the life of her work;

- Model D-las 45 are certified CE1023, ISO9001: 2008, ISO13485: 2003.


Specifications 45 D-las following:

- The wavelength of the light flux 808 5 nm;

- The energy density of the luminous flux of 1-50 J / cm2;

- Pulse frequency 1-10Gts;

- The duration of the light flash 10-400ms;

- Supply voltage 220V 10%, 50Hz, 110V 10%, 60Hz;

- The area of the light spot 14 12 mm 2;

- Functional and insignificant in the overall dimensions of 640 490 510 mm, which provides a relatively low weight - 28 kg.



General characteristics of lasers
Dimensions, cm 64x49x51
Laser type diode
Wavelength, nm 808
Supply voltage, V 220
Spot size, mm 12*14
Frequency, Hz 1-10
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