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Everyone knows that vascular lesions are best treated with a laser. We present one of the best models for this - the FEDERICO diode laser. Manufacturers have equipped it with all the necessary functions for effective treatment.

Technology Benefits

The diode laser for vascular removal generates a wavelength of 980 nm, which is the optimal absorption spectrum for vascular cells. The principle of operation is based on thermal radiation. And the main target for the device is hemoglobin. It is he who, absorbing the energy of the laser, provokes coagulation of blood vessels.

As a result, healing occurs. The wavelength of 980 nm can penetrate the skin up to 0.5 mm, thus providing a lasting effect for the local area, without damaging nearby tissues.

Also, the laser stimulates the production of collagen in order to increase the elasticity and density of the epidermis. Thus, the damaged vessels are removed, and new, healthy skin appears in their place.

Device Features

As a result of treatment, the problems that led the person to the doctor disappear. After using the laser, you should not worry about scarring or damage to the skin, as there will be none. The system is one of the safest for humans.

To obtain the desired result, you will need to attend from one to three sessions, the intervals between which are one month. After treatment, the skin returns to its original appearance.

The FEDERICO diode laser has passed all clinical and technical tests, it is approved by the American FDA.

Indications for use

The laser is used for the following age-related and cosmetic skin changes:

benign neoplasms;


vascular angiomas and hemangiomas;



lymphatic swelling;


congenital pathology of the walls of blood vessels.

The device can be used on any part of the body, but only after a full examination by a doctor and with his approval.


Type of

diode laser


980 nm

Pulse duration



1-10 Hz



Device Active Environment

Red semiconductor laser

Control system

8.4" color touch screen

Control language

English, in the settings you can set the desired language

Cooling system

air cooling

The size

40x38.5x20 cm

The weight

12.9 kg



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