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Beauty industry can not do without consumables - the wash of cloth sheets and pillowcases is far in the past. Using disposable products, such as sheets in roll length 60 cm blue color, we can achieve significant cost savings and show a concern about the ecology of our planet. Because you do not use harmful detergents, and used disposable sheets are recycled easily.

Sheets are made of non-woven material, which replaced successfully the expensive textiles, but have advantageous qualities: strength and density of the fabric, breathability. The new generation of nonwovens fibers connect by a thermal soldering without weaving. 

Such rolled sheets have indisputable functional properties:

- Micro-porosity;

- Hydrophilic (hydrophobic);

- Air permeability and anti-dust function;

- Barrier to microorganisms;

- The complete absence of lint.

The use of disposable sheets will help to prevent the spread of infections. Roll length is 100 m.

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