DPL1 BLUE - diode laser and 2 in 1 photo epilator

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Indications for use

Experts use this model for a variety of manipulations, namely:

• elimination of unwanted hair from any part of the body without restoring growth;

• removal of tattoos and permanent makeup;

• elimination of pigmentation due to age and the effects of the sun;

• correction of scars, post-acne;

• restoration of reduced skin tone;

• treatment of acne and vascular lesions;

• elimination of wrinkles;

• prophylaxis of premature aging;

• photorejuvenation.

It is important to remember that only those who have no contraindications to the procedure will get a positive result from using the equipment.

System characteristics

The DPL1 device is a combination of E-light and diode laser technology. The combination of different types of thermal energy allows to improve the result with a minimum load on the skin. The electro-optical energy and the coherent radiation act not only on the follicle, but also on the hair structure, providing a 100% result.

The independent power supply for each system guarantees high and stable output power: the use of 25mm * 25mm TEC tips helps to perform the procedure without pain or discomfort for the patient. ICE ™ technology constantly cools the skin while the machine is running. This minimizes the risk of burns.

Each appliance has been tested before it is included in the product catalogs, but in case of problems, check the interface. If any line turns yellow, it means that the part it belongs to has a problem.

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