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The perfect laser for three wavelengths is presented to your attention - Eclipce Rinex Ice Pro Mix. With it, a cosmetologist opens up great opportunities for removing unwanted hair and rejuvenating the skin.

Technology features

The Eclipce Rinex Ice Pro Mix laser is equipped with three main types of emissions:

• 755 nm (alexandrite)

It is mainly used to remove unwanted vegetation in large areas of the body. Radiation works by the principle of selective photothermolysis, that is, it targets melanin inside the hair follicle, heating and causing its destruction. In the case of radiation of 755 nm, the hair on the surface is instantly burned, and the follicle dies within a few weeks. Suitable for treating only fair skin.

• 808 nm (diode)

A wavelength of 808 nm is generated by a diode laser, which is considered the gold standard for hair removal. It works, like alexandrite, on the principle of selective photothermolysis, but only partially the laser energy is absorbed by the pigment. Another part of the energy goes into the hair shaft, providing more effective destruction. Due to this, it is suitable for processing more types of hair and skin.

• 1064 nm (neodymium)

1064 nm is considered the most perfect wavelength, because it can be used to remove unwanted hair on the skin of any color. The fact is that the radiation is too long to be absorbed by melanin. Instead, it is absorbed by water, hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin, resulting in coagulation of the vessels of the hair follicle and it dies, and the hair then falls out. In addition to hair removal,

effectively copes with unwanted tattoos.

Model benefits

The competitive advantages of Eclipce Rinex Ice Pro Mix are:

• The presence of three types of radiation expand the capabilities of the cosmetologist, allowing laser hair removal to be performed for everyone who has no contraindications. This ensures quick payback of equipment and profit growth.

• During the procedure, only a local anesthetic gel is required and not always. It all depends on the individual pain tolerance of each patient. A minimum amount of consumables is also required.

• Immediately upon completion of processing, a person can return to their usual business without any downtime.

• Reliability of the component parts of the device guarantees its long service life.

• The ergonomic shape of the manipulator makes it easy for the cosmetologist to process even hard-to-reach areas. And the flash resource of 20 million allows you to work with the device for a long time without replacing the manipulator.

In addition, the device is easy to operate due to its intuitive interface.


It is forbidden to use a laser for such contraindications:

• pregnancy and lactation;

mental disorders;

infectious diseases;

• decompensated diabetes mellitus;

• oncology;

• inflammatory dermatological processes;

• damage to the integrity of the skin;

• built-in muscle stimulator or metal implants.

In order to avoid negative consequences, during the first consultation, the specialist must familiarize himself with the patient’s medical history in detail. If at least one of the above conditions is detected, the doctor must refuse the person to perform the manipulation.

Technical specifications


755 nm, 808 nm, 1064 nm

spot size

15x25 mm

Energy density

1-125 J / cm2

Pulse duration

10-400 ms

Pulse frequency

1-20 Hz


1600 watts

Module resource

20 million impulses

Working hours

continuously 24 hours

Cooling system

water + air + semiconductor


10.4 inch LCD touch

Control language

Russian English

Power consumption

2000 watts

Shipping Weight

80 kg

Weight unpacked

75 kg

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