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EMS Beaty offers the attention of specialists a new high-performance and reliable microchannel diode laser for hair removal with a greater work resource ELIMINATOR, which will allow Italian cosmetologists to reach new goals in hair removal: freeing customers from unwanted hair on the face and body. This model allows hair removal, regardless of visitor gender, hair color or skin tone. The new design solutions used in the device not only made the instrument for hair removal more comfortable, but at the same time they allowed to significantly reduce the probability of overheating of the skin, increased the duration of the emitters, made the device even more reliable. and resistant to malfunctions. This was possible thanks to the use of a block of 6 diodes with the individual fluid supply channels in the instrument handles, which helped stabilize the operating conditions of the hose, improved the cooling of the skin in the contact area, reduced the pain level when handling.

The advantages of the model are:

hoses with high output radiation power;

the possibility of using a hose with a different light spot size - 10x17 mm (standard) or 11x11mm (optional);

microchannel laser stack: a block of 6 emitting diodes separated from the fluid supply channels;

high quality components (diode blocks) from a leading equipment manufacturer from Germany;

maximum build quality and factory setting;

double cooling of the skin reduces the chance of pain and burns;

microchannel diode emitter with a duration of 20,000,000 light pulses;

a perfect multi-level system to reduce the temperature of the nodes, ensuring ideal operating conditions at any room temperature;

intelligent control of temperature, quantity, water quality.

ergonomic device design, convenient control of the controls with touch screen and multilingual menu;

a combination of "quality-price", which offers excellent competitiveness with good performance and excellent reliability.

The combination of such valuable properties for high-end equipment makes ELIMINATOR an excellent tool that will guarantee the beauty salon greater popularity among visitors and therefore significantly increase profits from the services provided. To facilitate the learning by our customers' staff of the work with the acquired equipment, our consultants will conduct free training for them, during which they will teach how to use ELIMINATOR correctly and effectively in their daily work. The training can be done both at the training center, and remotely - via Skype video conference, which will open up access to new knowledge to cosmetologists from all over Italy.

Technical requirements:

Wavelength: 808 nm

Laser power: 600 W 6 bar

Energy density: 1-120 J / cm2

Frequency: 1-10 Hz

Emitter resource: 20,000,000 pulses

Stitch size: 11х11 mm, 10х17 mm - optional

Menu: Multilingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, etc.)

LCD screen: 10.4 inches, color, touch screen

Cooling: Advanced R134a + microchannel cooling system

AC power supply: 220В 50-60 Hz


Delivery set:

Laser ELIMINATOR 1 pc.

Hose 1 pc.

Protective goggles for the operator 1 pc.

Protective goggles for the patient 1 two

Power cable 1 pa.

Support for hoses 1 pa.

Change pedal 1 pc.

Water filling system 1 compl.

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