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The cavitation and radio wave lifting device“EMS L6” is a new line of beauty business. The device is equippedwith:

- monopolarmanipleRF-lifting

- cavitationmaniplefrequency of 40 kHz

- bipolar stationary cavitation maniple frequency of 40 kHz

Thisdevice uses a harmless method "Fat burning without destroying cells". Thus, the fat is burned at a depth of 5 cm from the skin surface. Using scientifically proven, harmless methodology promotes rapid weight loss and overall health improvement. It removes toxins from the body, the excess water and internal fat layer decreases.

This methodology is based on the theory of magnetic therapy.The human body is a natural electrical conductor. The device provides the human body with bioelectricity. Destruction of fat mass passes without any pain in a short time. Metabolism gets better, the vitality of the whole organism mobilizes, the cells are enriched with oxygen, itimproves the condition of the liver. The using of this technique improves the condition of the skin, a person looks and feels younger and healthier.

Applyingof cavitation and radio wave lifting device“EMS L6”:

- Release and burning of fat cells

- The stimulation of the stomach and feetto burn fat at a deeper level

- Giving the body desired shape

- Neck lift, getting rid of wrinkles, improve skin condition

- Improve the movement of lymph

- Blood purification from fat cells

- The hips lift

- Cleaning the body from toxins

- Breast lift

- Normalization and improving the function of the ovaries

- Improvement of the liver and kidneyscondition

- Removal toxins in the gut

- Prevention of diseases of the internal organs

Voltage: AC 110V/50Hz

Frequency: 40 kHz

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