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Nearly all women know the problem: cellulite. And bothered by the more or less pronounced dimples on thighs, buttocks, abdomen and hip. But this does not have to be, because today can effectively something be done about cellulite.
All women, regardless of age, character and sportiness, have a relatively loose connective tissue. Various factors, such as genetic and hormonal disposition, but also the lifestyle and living conditions, eg Stress or emotional stress magnify and multiply the formation of cellulite, as cellulite is also called. It is generated by multiplying the fat cells and larger, which then clog the lymph and blood vessels. This results in the incorporation of water and waste products in the tissue. Through this, often hormonally influenced operations, more and more cells can store and the Dell education becomes even more so. By contrast, "no herb grown" was so far, but now help a new treatment: Subcutaneous Endomassage. Unlike anything that has been offered by the cosmetics industry, this treatment of the skin is a helping people help themselves. Subcutaneous Endomassage acts exactly opposite to the usual massages. It exerts no pressure on the tissue, but generated by a vacuum suction massage one that reaches into the deep skin structures. Thus freed from the blocking fat cells, blood and lymph flow to remove the water and slag accumulation and skin smoother visible. Pleasant side-effect: Through this process, the skin s own production of collagen is stimulated, leading to a further tightening of the skin. How much help the pleasant, pain and side effects free treatment, is individual and not exactly predictable. But one thing is certain: With the Endomassage system 3035, the cellulite can be treated with great success.
But the possible treatments with the Endomassage system 3035 go far beyond the treatment of cellulite addition:
Disorders of blood circulation
Decreased skin elasticity
Diseases of the upper skin layers
Muscle contractures
Sports injuries, bruises, muscle tension and muscle tightness
Heavy legs
Osteochondrosis and various back pain
In the following cases should be dispensed with conducting a Endomassage:
After recently occurring thrombosis treatments and thrombophlebitis
In acute inflammatory vascular disease
In oncological diseases
Blood disorders
Chronic diseases
The Endomassage System 3035 works with an integrated in a special handpiece Vacuum Roller System. Thus the skin is partially sucked and heats up slightly. Thereby the effectiveness of the procedure is increased. Using the control electronics different, pre-programmed programs can, however, the various parameters can be set manually by the operator itself is selected for treatment or by the operating personnel.
The Endomassage System 3035 is suitable for carrying out of massage all over the body, even at the vulnerable points. Included with the system Endomassage 3035 include adapted to the different parts of the body such as the neck, face and décolleté attachments or handpieces.

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