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The Ukrainian Medical Systems company is pleased to present to cosmetologists the perfect model of a diode laser - SOPRANO. In addition to the classic technology, which is the “gold standard” of hair removal, the device ... Read more...

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The Ukrainian Medical Systems company is pleased to present to cosmetologists the perfect model of a diode laser - SOPRANO. In addition to the classic technology, which is the “gold standard” of hair removal, the device is considered innovative because it is equipped with a super-powerful cooling system and a manipulator with a huge flash resource.

Equipment features

The SOPRANO system, as mentioned above, belongs to the group of lasers that today are considered the best for removing unwanted vegetation. The laser generates a wavelength of 808 nm, that is, the most optimal type of radiation when processing unwanted hair. The apparatus acts on the hair follicle and hair shaft, causing the pigment to heat inside the bulb and destroying the hair shaft itself.

Since a large amount of the melanin pigment is concentrated inside the hair follicle, which easily absorbs laser energy and transforms it into heat, it is the laser that targets it. When the pigment overheats, the follicle dies, resulting in the death of the hair. And since half of the energy is directed to heating the rod, it is possible to achieve pronounced and lasting effects of hair removal much faster than classical models of devices, as this enhances the effect of the laser.

The manufacturer claims that the device can be used on any skin type. How is this possible if the target of laser energy is pigment? The answer lies in the cooling system, that is, in the sapphire tip, which cools the skin and prevents its overheating, which helps to avoid many side effects when processing even the darkest skin types.

It is important to understand that, despite the system’s effectiveness, a course of procedures will still be required to achieve lasting results. Their number varies from 3 to 6, depending on the size of the treatment area, type of skin and hair, as well as the individual characteristics of the patient's body. The exact number of sessions can only be determined by a specialist during the consultation.

System benefits

The competitive advantages of the SOPRANO diode laser are:

Thanks to the powerful cooling system, it can be used on the skin of any phototype without the risk of provoking a burn, pigmentation or other side effects. Due to the same feature it can be used at any time of the year.

The SOPRANO cooling system also allows laser hair removal without pain or discomfort for the patient. Usually, only a gel conductor is used during the procedure.

The use of the device is allowed on any part of the body. Thus, removal of unwanted vegetation is possible in the area above the upper lip, axilla, on the hands, knees, fingers, hips and in the bikini area.

The desired result is achieved in a short course of procedures. And the results are persistent and long-lasting.

The device can be operated without the need for replacement of components for a very long time, since the manipulator is equipped with a resource of 100 million flashes.

A specialist of any level of training can cope with the equipment. The reason is that the 10-inch display of the device resembles the screen of a classic smartphone, that is, managing it will be easy, understandable, even intuitive.

Continuous working time is 72 hours, which allows you to process an unlimited number of patients per day.

In addition to all of the above, the equipment has a thoughtful design that will look beneficial in any interior.


Choosing cooperation with the Ukrainian Medical Systems company, you provide yourself with such advantages:

You are guaranteed to receive reliable, certified equipment, whose safety and effectiveness is confirmed by clinical trials.

You purchase equipment at a cost that is 10% lower than in other stores. The reason is that for 10 years of cooperation with manufacturers we have achieved the best wholesale prices, which allows us to make the prices of the products presented affordable for you.

You can get free training on working with purchased equipment. Our experts will conduct training workshops for you, after which you will be given a certificate. By the way, for taking courses you don’t even have to leave home - just have working Skype.

Upon purchase, you will be given a service guarantee that will be valid for a year.

You can arrange delivery to all cities and regional centers of Ukraine.

Still have questions? Ask them to the store manager. To do this, fill out the application, and they will call you back during business hours. Or contact us on the numbers indicated on the site.

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