EPILUX SUN 808 nm hair removal diode laser

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The EPILUX SUN D-Las 85 new diode laser deserves special attention from cosmetologists, as it has excellent characteristics and a huge work resource. This device is represented by the EMS Beauty company, which has many years of experience working with a Korean manufacturing company.

Operating principle and design features of the laser

The device is based on SHR (Super Hair Removal) technology, promotes the simple and painless removal of unwanted hair, heating the skin and destroying the hair follicle. The tissue surrounding the bulb, with such an impact, is absolutely not subject to destruction, and the hairs are subjected to destruction with the impossibility of subsequent recovery. This device uses SHR technology in the movement mode and in the stationary working position of the hose. The design of the model offers the ability to control the intensity and strength of the exposure, which allows you to deal with any type of hair on light or dark skin.

The special features of the EPILUX SUN D-Las 85 new model are:

the great work resource and the stability of the laser parameters guarantee a long period of operation;

the skin cooling system eliminates the possibility of burns and redness after the procedures;

does not require connection to a water source, the system is filled with special liquid for cooling during production;

the minimum size and low weight make the device mobile;

the programming and control of the device takes place via a touch screen monitor.

Scope of use and conditions of use

The model of the EPILUX SUN D-Las 85 new diode laser is used for epilation on different parts of the body, it easily adapts to thin and blond hair on the skin of any type.

Laser epilation is recommended:

in the event that it is necessary to remove pigmented hair on any skin, even very tanned;

when it is necessary to remove light or very dark hair without pain;

when you are in the presence of ingrown hair;

in the presence of very hard hair after shaving;

to perform an epilation on delicate skin, strongly inclined to irritation.

A competent specialist must inform the customer of possible contraindications before laser hair removal.

Contraindications for laser hair removal are:

pregnancy and lactation period;

the presence of large moles in the impact area of ​​the device;

vascular system disease and varicose veins;


chronic diseases of internal organs in the acute phase or seasonal flu diseases;

allergic reactions, herpes, fungal lesions of the skin;

injured skin or violation of the integrity of the skin in the area of ​​application of laser equipment;

scar formation on the skin;

laser hair removal in the armpits and bikini area is not recommended if you have diseases of the pelvic organs and mammary glands.

Do not forget that with a recent tan, the skin is not restored and dryness and flaking can occur during laser exposure. The onset of pigmentation is possible and the epilation itself will be ineffective.

Advantages of the EPILUX SUN model

The device has gained popularity among cosmetologists thanks to a number of advantages over other models.

Construction and operational advantages:

optimal dimensions of the light spot (14 x 14 mm) and significant impulse energy;

the device is used on any type of skin, from very light to brown;

the laser resource allows to perform 30 million pulses;

long life and stability of the parameters;

the possibility of carrying out procedures in mobile hose mode, and in stationary mode;

the cooling system combines different technologies: TEC (thermoelectric cooling) + cooling with contact crystal (Sapphire) + liquid cooling + air flow. At the same time, the minimum temperature of the tip of the hose can drop down to -5 ° C;

the control system and the presence of the memory allow to take into account a large number of indicators, such as the sex of the customer, the color and type of the skin, the cooling temperature, the intensity of the pulses);

the device can be used in any environment, even with high humidity and temperature.

To know in detail the parameters and characteristics of the equipment, please contact the managers of the EMS Beaty company, using the telephone numbers indicated on the website. You will have highly professional answers to your questions and receive assistance with the purchase. By purchasing equipment from the EMS Beauty online store, you will be offered the opportunity to take a free training course on its use. Upon completion of training, customers receive a knowledge acquisition certificate

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