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The present device allows to carry out the cavitation and radio frequency procedure. Both technologies are used in aesthetic medicine for the purpose of slimming and eliminating cellulite. Thanks to the action of ultrasound that acts directly on the fatty tissue, cavitation breaks down the fat cells and stimulates the production of new collagen. Instead the radio frequency waves act directly on the skin cells and increase the production of elastin. With this appliance it is possible to promote tissue metabolism, reshape the body, increase skin elasticity and eliminate cellulite.

We can combine technologies to make the treatment more effective. In this case the procedure time varies depending on the area treated.

Technical features:

Power supply: 220V, 50-60Hz

Power: 500 W

Radio frequency: 5Mhz

Cavitation: 40KHZ / 1MHZ

5 handpieces are included: for tripolar radiofrequency of the face and decollete area, bipolar radiofrequency for body, 8-inch handpiece with negative pressure, M38 and M80 handpieces with ultrasound.

A cycle of procedures is recommended for good results.

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