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The device for cryolipolysis treatment that allows you to cool fat cells and make them liquid thanks to low temperatures. This appliance is intended for professional use. Thanks to cryotherapy, adiposities on problem areas can be eliminated by cold. During the cryolipolysis treatment the cells are crystallized and destroyed.

The cryolipolysis procedure is absolutely painless and non-invasive, it is also very effective. To obtain good results, just a cycle of a few sessions. The treatment is performed with a special handpiece. Each handpiece includes the cold and vacuum regulator.

The equipment of this appliance is as follows:

- The super large handpiece with dimensions 330 77 85 mm

- The large handpiece 200 80 70 mm

- The medium handpiece 160 70 65 mm

- The small handpiece 120 65 65 mm

Thanks to the different dimensions of the handpieces, the treatment can be performed on the internal and external areas of the thighs, buttocks, hips, arms and abdomen. It is possible to destroy up to 26% of fat in the necessary area.

Technical features:

Power supply: 220, 50-60Hz

Power: 800W

Cooling temperature: from -10 to +5

Vacuum pressure: 0-100kpa

Touch screen screen

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