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Attention to the country's cosmetologists on the website presents a three-wavelength ESTEBAN diode laser. Now, with the help of one installation, a specialist will be able to perform laser hair removal on any type of skin.

Available Functions

The ESTEBAN system is a diode laser, that is, the gold standard for laser hair removal. The manipulator generates three types of radiation - 755 nm, 808 nm, 1064 nm. Thus, this system is designed for laser hair removal on any type of skin. Even African-Americans with ESTEBAN will be able to get rid of unwanted hair without the risk of getting burns or a change in pigmentation.

In addition to unwanted vegetation, the laser can eliminate the problem of ingrown hair, reduce its excessive growth, cure folliculitis, eliminate irritation after shaving and relieve the patient of an allergy to depilation creams. The result obtained is preserved for many years, depending on the individual characteristics of the human body using a laser. But a lasting effect is possible only after a course of procedures, the number of which varies from 3 to 8, depending on what area, skin type and hair color are processed.

Distinctive features

The distinguishing features of the ESTEBAN laser include:

The presence of three types of radiation, which allows laser hair removal to everyone, regardless of the color of his skin.

The large size of the light spot reduces the time of both one treatment and the entire course as a whole.

The large size of the cooling tip prevents overheating of the skin, thereby minimizing the risk of side effects.

The resource of manipula is 20 million flashes, so it can be used for a long time.

The device is equipped with two modes of operation - professional and simple, which makes it possible to operate the system even for beginners.

The system can conduct a self-test for possible breakdowns or malfunctions in the device.


It is strictly forbidden to use the laser for the following contraindications:

pregnancy and lactation;

pathology of the endocrine system;

cardiovascular diseases;

infectious diseases;


tendency to keloid scarring;

mental illness;

varicose veins;

chronic diseases in the acute stage;


Critical days (with bikini hair removal).

Otherwise, the health effects of the patient may be unpredictable.

To order the ESTEBAN laser at the most favorable cost in Ukraine, contact the Ukrainian Medical Systems online store. We directly supply equipment from manufacturers, so its price is an order of magnitude lower than that of other suppliers. In addition, we teach equipment operating rules for free, after which we issue a certificate.

A guarantee is provided for the entire assortment, and the delivery service operates in all cities and regional centers of the country.


Type Diode Laser

Wavelength 808 nm or 755/808/1064 nm

Spot size 9x9 mm (or 15x15 mm optional)

The size of the cooling area is 25x25 mm

Pulse Duration 10-400 ms

Pulse frequency 1-10 Hz

Power 800 W

Energy Density 1-166 J / cm2

Voltage 220 V

Continuous working time 20 hours

Manufacturer South Korea

12 months warranty

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