ESTI-10 photoepilation machine one IPL, SHR (AFT) manipulator

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Hardware cosmetology shows excellent results and requires the use of specialized equipment for skin care procedures and the elimination of various aesthetic defects. Laser hair removal machines are a separate category, w... Read more...

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Hardware cosmetology shows excellent results and requires the use of specialized equipment for skin care procedures and the elimination of various aesthetic defects. Laser hair removal machines are a separate category, which have gained immense popularity among cosmetologists and have improved the quality of removal of unwanted vegetation on the body. Get acquainted with the functions and parameters of photoepilators from the best world manufacturers offers the catalog of products of the company EMS Beauty.

A multifunctional device ESTI - 10 is presented to the attention of cosmetologists. It will perform photoepilation and skin rejuvenation using just one manipulator with the ability to play popular technologies - IPL and SHR (AFT).

The photoepilation procedure involves the removal of unwanted vegetation on the body and on the face, it can remove any type of hair, and the skin remains smooth and velvety. The device ESTI - 10 is also able to treat vascular manifestations on the surface of the skin and lighten pigmentation, it is used in programs to rejuvenate and smooth wrinkles. The unique capabilities of the device do not end there, the competent use of functions allows treating skin rashes and acne, cleansing the skin and giving the skin smoothness to improve complexion.

The model includes two nozzles, HR and SR, each of which has a working life of 300,000 pulse flashes. To increase the safety of procedures, a crystalline filtration system is installed in the device, which prevents overheating of the skin and stops the harmful radiation of UV and IR.

The software device allows you to select the operating mode and set the desired exposure parameters using a large LCD screen. A specialist can monitor the progress of the device and adjust the necessary parameters. If you order equipment through the website of EMS Beauty, you will be given the opportunity to take a free training course on its use. The company's specialists will teach you how to perform photoepilation and photorejuvenation by choosing the right radiation power, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body.

The device is equipped with a system for monitoring water temperature, water level and quality. This system protects against breakdowns and can automatically stop functioning if one of the indicators is violated.

Technologies used in the device:

IPL is one of the most modern methods of removing unwanted vegetation on the body. It is performed using a lamp generating high-intensity light flashes and a long wavelength of 500 ~ 1200 nm. The hair shaft is exposed to light energy and is destroyed without the possibility of recovery. The skin is not exposed to this effect.

The maximum result can be seen when exposed to dark hair on fair skin, as they contain a very large amount of melanin.

SHR - the abbreviation stands for "Super Hair Removal". This innovative technology destroys the hair follicle by gently warming the skin, while the skin does not dry out and does not undergo a thermal burn. A diode laser reproduces a light flash of a short pulse, with a pulse repetition rate of 10 Hz, which penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, but does not cause uncomfortable burning. When light is absorbed by melanin, only melanocytes are destroyed, and nearby tissues are not affected, and this has ensured the high popularity of the procedure. The primary application of SHR technology shows high efficiency, it is tolerated by the client quite easily and painlessly, specialists apply this technology even on dark and very tanned skin.

The uniqueness of photoepilation is that with the optimal combination of laser pulses with a repetition rate of 10 Hz and with constant movement of the manipulator, the risk of burns is minimized. Do not forget that even if all the rules for photoepilation are observed, minimal redness of the skin is possible, which disappears within a short time. Such a manifestation indicates the correct effect on melanin contained in the hair shaft and in the skin. Specialists use the device on any part of the body, including the face and décolleté.

During photoepilation, you should not be afraid of the appearance of slight swelling and the smell of burnt hair, these are normal physical manifestations of the body. It is only important to make the settings correctly taking into account the individual characteristics of the client’s body.

Contraindications for photoepilation and photorejuvenation:

pregnancy and lactation;

oncological diseases;

blood diseases;

open wounds in the field of application.

If you have any questions, then you can contact the managers - consultants of the EMS Beauty company, at the phone numbers listed on the site. They will provide you with professional advice and help you make your purchase.

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