ESTI-110A IPL Hair Removal Machine

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The ESTI-110A model uses the most advanced photoepilation and rejuvenation technologies, which, thanks to the wide range of band-pass filters, allow other cosmetic procedures to be performed efficiently. The ESTI-110A uses a high intensity IPL light source with a long service life for photoepilation, which makes the device a universal cosmetologist tool for everyday work and allows you to quickly perform various cosmetic procedures.

ESTI-110A efficiently performs:

permanent removal of unwanted hair on any part of the body without resuming their further growth;

elimination of capillary mesh on the face;

wrinkle smoothing and pore narrowing;

discoloration of age spots (age-related and solar pigmentation);

acne treatment and comedone removal;

smoothing of cicatricial changes and improvement of skin condition;

skin rejuvenation, whitening and turgor enhancement.

Due to the high frequency of light pulses, specialists have the opportunity to perform photoepilation and other cosmetic procedures with minimal time, while achieving the highest efficiency.

Distinctive features of the model are:

large size of the light spot;

high pulse repetition rate, which provides fast processing "on the move";

color touch LCD screen, size - 8.4 inches;

convenient and elegant control interface;

the protection system is equipped with an alarm in case of malfunctions in the supply system and deviations from the normal temperature of the water;

the device uses components from the best world manufacturers;

metal frame (chassis) provides reliable protection of internal parts.

The small size of the ESTI-110A allows you to install it on any workplace - on a table, on a special or conventional cosmetology trolley, and a user-friendly multilingual interface and a simple command system will ensure ease of use.

Technical specifications:

Number of maniples 1

Replaceable filters (included), nm 430/530/640 ~ 1200

Replaceable filters (optional), nm 480/560/590/750 ~ 1200

Light spot size for modes, mm:

IPL + SHR 10x50

IPL + RF + SHR 12x33

IPL + RF + SHR 15x50

Energy Density, J / cm²:

IPL 10-50

SHR 10-50

Resource of a light source, flashes 300000

Power, W 1200

The number of pulses 1-6

Pulse Duration, ms 1-50

The interval between pulses, ms 1-30

Semiconductor, water, air cooling

Skin contact cooling temperature from 0 ° C to -2 ° C

Screen color LCD touch screen, 8.4 inches

Interface (multilingual) 16 languages

Power supply 220 ~ 260V 50 ~ 60Hz or 100 ~ 110V 50 ~ 60Hz

Net weight, kg 22

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