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Model ESTI-170C provides painless hair removal using SHR and IPL technology in any part of the body. Light radiation penetrates the hair follicles and heats only areas with a maximum melanin content - the hair shaft and hair bags. In addition to photoepilation, the device effectively performs rejuvenation of the skin, eliminates wrinkles and freckles, and performs skin tightening. ESTI-170C can be used to treat cosmetic problems such as acne and vascular asterisks. Multifunctionality is achieved through the use of interchangeable filters, providing various effects on the skin.

ESTI-170C provides photoepilation of hair of different thicknesses on various skin types. The control menu displayed on the large touch screen allows you to select any of the standard modes for different skin types and hair thickness. The menu for manual selection of parameters allows you to adjust all session modes - energy, frequency and duration of light pulses, skin cooling temperature, and other important parameters of a treatment session. The computer system allows you to memorize session parameters so that you can use them later during the procedures.

The ESTI-170C model is designed for long-term (up to 18 hours) operation and is equipped with a multi-stage cooling system with continuous temperature control. One of its main features is the water circulation system.

Features of ESTI-170C:

tips with a unique design;

automatic detection of maniples with power adjustment;

the use of interchangeable filters;

the skin in the photoepilation zone is cooled to -10 ° C;

professional and easy mode for experienced or novice operators;

management of information about work sessions;

cooling using semiconductor, water circulating, air methods of temperature reduction;

the water supply circuit is equipped with sensors for water level, its quality, flow rate, water temperature;

continuous monitoring and prevention of malfunctions of water supply, cooling and electrical systems.

Technical Parameters of ESTI-170C

IPL wavelength, nm 480/530/640 - 950

Energy density (adjustable), J / cm2:

IPL 60

SHR 25

Pulse repetition rate, Hz 1-10

Pulse Duration, ms 1-10

Pulse delay, ms 5-50

The size of the light spot, mm 12x30 or 15x50

Resource IPL, flashes 500,000

Power, W 1200

5 levels cooling (-10 ° C to -5 ° C)

Display 10.4 inches LCD True Color, touch

Multilingual menu 14 languages

Semiconductor + air + water circulation cooling

Power supply 220V ± 10% 50Hz / 110V ± 10% 60Hz, 10A

Power, W 2000

Duration of continuous work, hours 18

Dimensions, cm 48x59x60

Weight 32 kg

CE certification

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