ESTI-300 photoepilation machine two manipulators IPL, SHR (AFT)

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Photoepilation is today one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, but it requires a specialist to have a certain level of qualification and, of course, implies the availability of specialized equipment.

Therefore, we present to your attention a compact ESTI-300 photoepilation apparatus with two manipulators, using any of the two most popular technologies - IPL and SHR (AFT):

IPL - mode of operation using intense pulsed light

SHR (AFT) - super mode for hair removal and skin rejuvenation with an LED laser (light wavelength 808nm).

Photoepilation is used to remove unwanted hair of all types on the body and face, red vascular network, wrinkles, age spots, skin rejuvenation and acne treatment. The broad capabilities of the ESTI-300 will allow it to be used also to clean pores and tighten the skin, improve skin elasticity and make it shiny, remove various types of pigmentation (freckles, age spots) and other procedures.

To carry out all these procedures, the device is equipped with HR and SR nozzles with a resource of 300,000 pulses for each of them. Since epidermis is heated during photoepilation, a special crystal filter is used in the device, cutting off parasitic UV and IR radiation, and thereby protecting the patient's skin from excessive evaporation of moisture during the procedure.

The device is controlled using an interactive menu displayed on a rotary and convenient graphic touch screen with a diagonal of 26 cm. This solution provides visibility and ease of control and allows you to flexibly configure and control all modes of the machine during the execution of procedures.

To ensure safe operation, the ESTI-300 is equipped with water temperature sensors, a water level sensor and a water supply sensor. They will automatically stop the machine when it detects possible problems during operation. The device ESTI-300 is assembled in a compact case, which allows you to place it on a mobile stand or a cosmetology table.

Characteristics of the ESTI-300 Photo Hair Removal Machine

Main characteristics

Range of optical radiation, nm

HR 650-950

SR 560-950

VR 420-950

PR 530-950

AR 500-950

Radiation power, J / cm2






Light pulse frequency



SHR and SSR, Hz


less than 0.5



Light source

pure sapphire


UK production

Light spot size, mm

10x40 (SR, VR, AR, PR), 15x50 (HR)

Contact cooling temperature

max -100C

Cooling system

integrated water + semiconductor + air cooling

LCD screen

10.4 inch touch screen control

Electrical specifications

Power Settings

220V ± 20% 10A, 50Hz,

110V ± 10% 20A, 60Hz

Power consumption


Other characteristics

Machine Size (LxWxH), cm

63 × 39.5 × 46

Weight, kg


Package Size (LxWxH), cm

69 × 46 × 55

Working temperature

10-300 C

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