ESTI-400 photo hair removal unit (IPL and SHR)

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The company presents to the attention of cosmetologists a small-sized apparatus for photoepilation using IPL and SHR technologies. The ESTI-400 photoepilator allows you to effectively perform hair removal on any part of the body, and is also an excellent tool for eliminating various cosmetic defects and treating skin diseases. In its work, the device uses two advanced non-invasive photoepilation techniques, which allow painlessly performing a whole range of cosmetic procedures. The methods are based on exposure to light pulses on the hair and skin tissue, but also have some differences.

The IPL technique is based on the use of pulses of high-intensity light from special lamps, from which certain sections of the spectrum are allocated using interchangeable filters for optimal hair removal, wrinkle removal, capillary mesh removal and other manipulations.

SHR (Super Hair Removal) - “Super Hair Removal” technique is based on the use of laser radiation for quick and final hair removal. The technique combines the features of laser and pulsating light photoepilation methods, which provides quick, painless and long-term removal of any hair. A feature of the ESTI-400 is the use of the SHR mode "on the move", which allows better protection of the skin during the procedure and makes the hair removal session more comfortable.

Both technologies are widely used in the ESTI-400 model and allow to produce:

photoepilation of hair of various thickness and appearance on the skin of any type;

photorejuvenation of the dermis;

elimination of fine wrinkles, narrowing of pores, elimination of sun age spots;

elimination of benign pigmentations - freckles, post-traumatic hyperpigmentation, etc .;

removal of varicose veins, telangiectasias, hemangiomas;

treatment of rosacea, poikiloderma;

smoothing scars and scars;

acne treatment.

The advantages of the ESTI-400 are:

a wide range of procedures with complete safety and painlessness of treatment;

the use of interchangeable filters to expand the capabilities of the equipment;

a skin cooling system that allows for a minute to lower the surface temperature to -10 ° C for a painless procedure;

excellent ergonomics of the entire apparatus;

user-friendly operation management interface using a tiltable touch screen;

the ability to save work settings and information about a large number of sessions (up to 6000 entries);

a large resource of work due to the use of emitters produced in the UK and Germany;

the use of various parts and assemblies from leading manufacturers of equipment in the UK, Germany, Korea and Japan;

low power consumption;

modular design for easy replacement of indoor units;

full separation of the electrical circuit and the water cooling system to increase the safety of the device.

The Ukrainian Medical Systems company not only supplies high-quality equipment to the Ukrainian market, but also provides its customers with additional services.

By purchasing cosmetology equipment through the site, our customers receive free training on the operating rules of equipment purchased from us with the issuance of a certificate of specialized courses.

In addition, the company provides a guarantee for photoepilators for a period of 12 months and provides after-sales service for equipment purchased from us.

Key Features of ESTI-400

SHR resource for spots 15x50mm, impulses 300000

IPL resource for spots 15x50mm, pulses 200000

Wavelength (standard), nm 480/530/640

Duration of continuous work, hours 10-12

10.4 "full-color LCD touch screen with menu support in 14 languages

Cooling system Crystal contact + air + water circulation


IPL Settings

Energy, J / cm2 1-40

The number of pulses 1-6

Pulse Duration, ms 1-10

The interval between pulses, ms 5-50

The size of the light spot, mm 12x30

Number of cooling levels 1-5


Parameters in SHR mode

Energy, J / cm2 1-25 (OPT)

Pulse frequency, Hz 1-10 (OPT)

Pulse Duration, ms 1-15

The size of the light spot, mm 15x50

Number of cooling levels 1-5


Common parameters

Parameters of electric network 230V 50Hz 10A

Power, W 2000

Unit dimensions, cm 46x36x50

Weight, kg 36

Package Dimensions, cm 65x45x75

Shipping Weight Kg 49

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