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Dangerous bacteria and viruses, such as the flu, mutate every year and threaten us with epidemics or even pandemics. In order to protect themselves, everyone at the time of exacerbation of the activity of the virus needs to use individual protective equipment - medical masks - they are accessible and easy to use.

The times when impractical reusable gauze masks were used are a thing of the past. Now in the manufacture of modern masks using high-tech non-woven material. They provide an additional antibacterial element - a paper filter. The masks have an improved ergonomic shape, provided by three folds of fabric and a sewn wire to completely mask the nose. The clinically proven degree of air filtration with such a mask corresponds to the international class FFP1 (more than 99%). Masks are certified in Europe. Proper wearing of a disposable mask reduces the likelihood of infection by 80-90%. Before you put it on or take it off, you need to wash your hands, and when putting on, hold the mask only by the ties.

The mask is also used for medical (surgical and dental) purposes, sold in packages of 50 pieces.

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