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If you are interested in a high quality diode laser, then FIBER ALAMO XL, presented by the EMS Beauty company, is just what you were looking for.Device featuresFIBER ALAMO XL is an innovative fiber optic diode laser. Its... Read more...

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If you are interested in a high quality diode laser, then FIBER ALAMO XL, presented by the EMS Beauty company, is just what you were looking for.

Device features

FIBER ALAMO XL is an innovative fiber optic diode laser. Its radiation is 810 nm, which is the optimal type of radiation when removing unwanted hair. The principle of operation of the diode is based on selective photothermolysis, when the melanin pigment, concentrated in the hair follicles, absorbs the laser radiation, from which it overheats and is destroyed, causing the follicle to die. It should be noted that melanin absorbs radiation only partially, the remaining 50% of energy is absorbed by water and hemoglobin, therefore the device can be applied to any type of skin. The main distinguishing feature of the laser is considered the super light hose, since the diode emitters are not incorporated in it, but in the body, whose fibers generate energy.

Thanks to this particularity, the process becomes incredibly easy and comfortable for the specialist, because the hand does not get tired, despite the multiple treatments throughout the day. In addition, the handpiece resource is 50 million flashes, thus extending the life of the device without the need to replace components. The FIBER ALAMO XL diode laser is able to evenly distribute energy with a small angle of divergence to make the epilation process more delicate and effective. To do this, the device has three operating modes: fast, classic and free.

The fast mode generates high frequency energy intended for the fast treatment of large areas of the body. Classic mode has predefined parameters for different skin types and hair colors, and free mode allows the specialist to select settings individually for each client.

Indications for use

The presented laser is designed to perform the following manipulations:

permanent reduction of hair growth on any skin phototype;

reduction of hair overgrowth in women and men;

folliculitis treatment;

elimination of the problem of ingrown hair and irritation after shaving;

correction of pigment spots, skin lightening;

removal of benign neoplasms;

post-acne correction;

smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles;

elimination of pain syndrome.

The main advantage of the system is that with its use the time required to achieve the result is reduced. Thus, the complete hair removal course consists of 3-5 sessions, when with classic diode laser models 4 to 8 sessions are required to obtain the same result. And the effect achieved lasts from five to six years.

Advantages of technology

A diode laser is a device that generates light using diode emitters, which are connected to a single-core multimode fiber using a matrix of microlens. This function allows you to deliver energy locally, without damaging nearby tissues, respectively, without side effects. Often, the diode laser is a vertical installation, the emitters of which are located in a row, that is, the microcircuit is soldered to the radiators to provide high output power. However, vertical installation involves a narrow cooling channel, which can lead to heat damage.

For this reason, the operating temperature of the laser is generally quite low and the handpiece resource does not exceed 10 million flashes, after which the replacement of the components will be quite expensive. The FIBER ALAMO XL system is fundamentally different from traditional diode lasers. The device can also operate at a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, without causing thermal damage, which increases the life of the hose to 50 million flashes. It is also considered an advantage that it is not necessary to replace the filters used, therefore, the FIBER ALAMO XL model is considered one of the most economically advantageous.

Distinctive advantages

The main advantages of FIBER ALAMO XL are:

Light cuff Because the diode emitters are in the case, the cuff of the device is incredibly light, so that the specialist can easily manage the areas difficult to reach and the hand will not get tired even with long hours of work.

Contact cooling The patient does not have to worry about side effects or pain, as cooling with contact sapphire prevents overheating of the skin and the appearance of burns. Even if the energy consumption is very high. The available cooling temperatures range from 0 to 5 degrees Celsius.

Technical specifications

Laser type Diode fiber laser

Wavelength 808 nm; 755 nm; 1064 nm

Laser power 2100 W

Pulse width 5–800 ms

Energy density 1-100J/cm2

Frequency 1-10 Hz

Skin type l-VI

Operating mode Repeat, Stamp, Classic, Custom

Screen 10" LCD

Spot size 12mm*12mm; 4 mm; 60 mm

Cooling type Sapphire contact cooling

Cooling temperature <5°C

Size 540*560*940 mm

Net weight 32 kg

General characteristics of lasers
Weight, kg 32
Dimensions, cm 54х56х94
Laser type fiber optic diode
Wavelength, nm 810
Supply voltage, V 220
Spot size, mm 12х12
Power, W 640
Frequency, Hz 1-10
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