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Photoepilation is one of the most widespread cosmetic procedures today. But you can remove "unwanted vegetation" from the body in many ways, which differ in their list of indications and contraindications for performing manipulations. So, in many cases, contraindications are the high intensity of irritation after the sessions or the pain of the procedure itself.

The online store offers a new device for photoepilation ESTI-150 new, which will allow you to remove hair for a long time and at the same time provide the most gentle epilation mode for the patient.

Photoepilation techniques used

Hair removal with the ESTI-150 new photoepilator can be performed using three methods (IPL, E-Light, SHR), which have different effects on the scalp and have specific application features.

The following techniques are used for photoepilation:

IPL is one of the earliest but effective technologies based on irradiation of hair shafts and hair follicles (follicles) with light in the range of 500 - 1200 nm. A special flash lamp is used as a light source, generating short light pulses. Since the light affects the nail the most intensely due to the melanin it contains, and the relaxation time of the follicles is much longer than the pulse duration, effective destruction of the follicles and a long-term effect of the procedure are ensured. It should be noted that the IPL technology is most effective when removing dark hair on light skin and that other methods are used to epilate light hair or dark (tanned) skin.

E-light is a method of photoepilation that combines light and radio wave exposure technologies. When using E-Light technology, the intensity of light radiation is reduced, and the rest of the energy is provided by radio waves. This combination of techniques in the E-Light technique allows for light destruction of the rod, and the follicles destroy the radio frequency vibrations that heat them up with maximum efficiency.

The use of IPL and E-light techniques in work, which are highly effective, requires appropriate qualifications from the cosmetologist. Our consultants will provide the necessary knowledge to the buyer's specialists during their free training course, which can be conducted at the training center, directly at the workplace or remotely.

SHR is a laser hair removal technique, the peculiarity of which is the treatment of the skin with low-energy pulses, following with a high frequency. Due to the long relaxation time of the follicles, they are heated to the temperature of destruction without overheating the surrounding tissues. Another feature of the SHR technique is the processing of the skin surface "in motion", in which the handpiece is heated without stopping the handpiece over one area. This allows you to remove unwanted vegetation on the skin of any phototype and has no seasonal restrictions.

Possibilities of the photoepilator ESTI-150 new

The presented photoepilation apparatus is a versatile equipment that allows not only to perform photoepilation, but also can perform a number of other manipulations.

ESTI-150 new allows:

effectively eliminate hair in the armpits, limbs, face or other areas of the body;

remove age spots of various nature - spots from sunburn, freckles, chloasma, age-related pigmentation, etc .;

rejuvenate the dermis and smooth wrinkles;

treat acne manifestations and provide skin care;

reduce enlarged pores, tighten skin, improve its elasticity and firmness.

Advantages of photoepilator ESTI-150 new

The device is a new improved model of a photoepilator, which, while retaining the excellent characteristics of previous devices, has received new features that allow more efficiently performing a large list of various procedures.

The advantages of the device are:

  • the possibility of painless effective carrying out of all possible types of procedures;
  • more comfortable treatment regime for the client;
  • the use of the "in motion" mode provides a safer environment for the use of the SHR mode;
  • the ability to use photoepilation at any time of the year, without traditional seasonal restrictions in the summer;
  • use of a pulsed source (lamp) with a service life of more than 300,000 flashes;
  • new ergonomic body with a large, well-angled touch screen and improved handpiece connection;
  • mode of continuous monitoring of equipment operation with automatic interruption of the session to ensure safe treatment conditions;
  • high reliability and low final price of the photoepilator.

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