Fractional CO2 Laser

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Features Laser

The spot diameter x 30 30/20 x 20 mm

Dimensions - 42 50 115 cm

Power - 60 W

The frequency - 50-60 Hz

Voltage - 220

DESCRIPTION Fractional CO2 Laser

Laser cosmetology already widely used everywhere. But a new word in the application of laser is fractional laser technology RF-excited with computer software. The mechanism of its action is simple in appearance. The luminous flux of the laser acts selectively due to their properties on the old pigmented cells, protein collagen, elastin. At the same time all the surrounding cells are not affected by the influence of temperature, therefore the treated areas will be restored. Such selected portions then regenerated with greater force, and this process is prolonged in time. This achieves a therapeutic effect of fractional CO2 laser. And most importantly, all the parameters of the beam are regulated and displayed on the device. The doctor comes from the individual characteristics of the patient s skin, and the indications for treatment: at the age of skin changes, pigmentation, vascular dyschromia, scarring, in violation of the surface structure of the skin. In the latter cases, a laser skin resurfacing.

Fractional CO2 laser is the size / 42 50 115 cm / 50 kg weight, allowing its use even in a small room, moving on the transport wheels. For the convenience of the laser beam to a selected area of the body - there is a long two-piece rod on which are mounted various laser "tips": for surgical cutting for fractional scanning laser resurfacing. Spot light exposure varies: 20mm x 20mm and 30mm x 30mm with adjustable output power up to 0,1 200mj, with the frequency of the pulse in the 10,600 nm. The base has a beam parameters - 635nm and point density: 25 1600 seats / cm². Such an apparatus as fractional CO2 laser, can determine the specialization of your beauty. To this end, it has all the technical possibilities.



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