Fractional laser UMS-500

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Fractional laser UMS-500 has been used successfully by leading dentists around the world for general health and postoperative recovery of the skin. In addition, the device is effective for:

remove fine facial wrinkles, smoothing deeper and lifting;

to get rid of scars, burn scars, postoperative damage and overall damage to the skin.

effectively remove age spots and chloasma.

Performing procedures with the help of such a device - it is a worthy alternative to surgery.

It is important that the machine is equipped with ultra-modern LCD color touch screen. It ensures stable beam energy and highly efficient operation. Its weight is 55 kg, its dimensions package: 530 570 1380 mm.

Fractional laser has an excellent technical characteristics:

The frequency of the pulsations: 0.530 W;

The wavelength of 10,600 nm;

LCD screen - 8.4.

Average power unit 30 W;

Cooling System: water + air;

Pulse duration: 0.1-10 ms;

Voltage: AC 220V / 50Hz; AC, 110 V / 60 Hz.


Features laser

Light wavelength 10.600 nm

Cooling system air, water

The diameter of the focus spot of 0.2 mm mm

Rate 1 - 5 Hz

The pulse duration 0.1-10 msec

Dimensions 53/57/138 cm

50-60 Hz

Voltage 110/220

Weight 55kg

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