Fractional lasers

Fractional lasers

Experts who already use fractional lasers can tell the benefits that these devices provide in rejuvenation.

How a fractional laser works

To put it very briefly, the essence of the effect of the device is the precise removal of the aged skin in a specific area. And the effect is that in place of the removed skin new cells are regenerated.

If we consider in more detail, with his help you can:

  • Eliminate small wrinkles, reduce deeper wrinkles;
  • Eliminate pigmentation spots;
  • Smoothing the scars.

You can continue the list of effects that give fractional lasers. The common denominator will be the improvement of appearance without surgery. More often you perform laser smoothing. Problem areas are truly transformed, restoring the original look. It is called the most inoquious method with more effective results. And the laser works strictly in the bounded areas, without "invading" the surrounding areas of the epidermis.

How and where to choose the device

The most reliable and secure method is the purchase of the device on the online store site. After choosing the model and reading the description, you can make the purchase without leaving the house. This eliminates the risk of a counterfeit model: production partners produce their lasers using the latest equipment in strict compliance with the technical process. Fractional lasers arrive at the buyer after checking, provided with certificates and with a warranty period. In the recommendations that accompany each device, the problem points are also indicated. A short-lived edema may occur, one or two days. But as soon as it passes, the skin will be unrecognizable: it becomes younger, cleaner, "comes to life", as cosmetologists say.

Another undoubted advantage of fractional lasers is their ease of handling. Most newer devices today come with an interactive display. The cosmetologist, by initiating a procedure, such as sanding, displays the operating mode and if parameter correction is required, simply use the buttons to make the changes. Fractional lasers can also be used at home.


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