Fractional microneedling RF apparatus

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The functional device of fractional micro-needle RF for performing various anti-aging procedures is presented to the attention of cosmetology specialists in the online store “EMS-Beauty". The uniqueness and advantage of the technology is in the multipolarity of radio frequency energy, which allows for the remodeling of the collagen framework without damaging the epidermis thermally.

Operating principle

The treatment of fractional micro-needle RF is based on creating tiny punctures on the skin using micro-needles. At the same time, the patient does not feel much discomfort, since the vacuum tip reduces the level of pain and prevents the formation of bruises. In the created holes, the tip sends radio-frequency energy, which affects the collagen layer in the skin. Such a double blow to the epidermis and dermis leads to a number of positive therapeutic effects:

  • there is a pronounced lifting of the skin of the face and modeling of its oval;
  • reduces the severity of scars after acne, scars, striae;
  • deep wrinkles are reduced and fine lines are smoothed out;
  • reduces ptosis of the eyelids and soft tissues of the face;
  • there is a pronounced narrowing of the enlarged pores;
  • increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin;
  • the severity of vascular lesions decreases.

The advantage of this method is excellent results with minimal skin damage and painful sensations. In addition, after using the device, there is a minimum recovery period.

If you are interested in buying a fractional micro-needle RF device, leave a request on the website, and during business hours the store manager will contact you to help with all the details.

Technical parameters

Pulse duration - 10 ms~1000 ms

RF frequency - 5 MHz

Heating temperature - 35-45 degrees Celsius

Penetration depth-0.1-3 mm

Voltage - 220 V

Weight-7.5 kg

Warranty - 12 months

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