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The invasive laser treatment of wrinkles, acne scars and other large-scale changes in the skin around the face (. So-called laser resurfacing) is since 1995 with the Er: carried out (1064 nm wavelength) YAG laser (wavele... Read more...

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The invasive laser treatment of wrinkles, acne scars and other large-scale changes in the skin around the face (. So-called laser resurfacing) is since 1995 with the Er: carried out (1064 nm wavelength) YAG laser (wavelength 2940 nm) and especially the CO2 laser. By dimensional field of laser light over the entire treated area of skin is in these lasers on the one hand the epidermis largely removed (invasive laser treatment), on the other hand, especially in CO2 lasers, to be stabilized in the long term due to thermal effects in deeper skin layers the collagenous fiber framework.

The professional treatment with these lasers generally leads to good results. However, the effective use of these devices is limited by the fact that the painful treatment must be performed under general anesthesia and the healing phase of the skin may be several weeks or months, during which the patient must expect a swelling and redness of the face. In addition, scarring and permanent pigmentary changes were possible. For these reasons, these treatments have not been able to enforce the general patient use.

Functioning on the basis of the CO2 laser

The wavelength of the CO2 laser has a high absorption rate for water. Such a high absorption of CO2 radiation in the high water content skin cells leads to their explosive evaporation (vaporization) and thus to the removal of the treated skin layers. The skin renewal via a re-epithelialization by keratinocytes, which emanate from the skin appendages (hair follicles). On the other hand the CO2 laser performs its pronounced thermal effect also to inflammatory processes in the deeper layer of skin (dermis) and thus to a stimulation of fibroblasts, which stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. The heat development also leads to a contraction (shrinking) of the stretched by the aging of the skin collagen fiber bundles. These effects make the CO2 laser particularly suitable when it comes to smooth wrinkled skin again or bring scars to shrink.

However, the side effects of these not modified classical CO2 laser treatment, as already mentioned, be significant and cause the patient to several weeks to pursue limited after treatment partly its social obligations.

A significant development of this conventional method, therefore, is the treatment with the fractional CO2 laser. The principle of operation is that the application of the laser light not, as previously, is carried out flat, but is distributed over many small tissue areas (fractionated) is. The laser beams penetrate columnar an in depth, whereby numerous pinhole-like micro wounds occur, all of which are surrounded by healthy, by the laser light is not damaged skin. Depending on the device setting and manufacturers can penetrate to an area (spot) of 1 square centimeter in the skin as per shot z. B. 100 fine laser beams. Also, depending on set so that 20 to 40% of the skin surface to be treated. The rest of the skin remains intact. For this reason, compared to the previously usual types of treatment, heal the skin much faster.

The search for more gentle methods, led to the development of non-invasive lasers (Erbium-Glass, 1550 nm and Nd: YAG laser, 1320 nm) and flash lamps, which, although they apply thermal energy to the skin, but leave the epidermis intact.

The fractional laser treatment for skin rejuvenation is extremely effective, has few side effects and healing done pretty fast. The process is therefore considerably softer than traditional vollablative methods in which the entire top layer of skin is removed - associated with a significantly longer healing time and considerably greater side effects, as in the fractional laser treatment.

Fractional laser therapy is therefore a very effective yet gentle alternative to visible skin rejuvenation: Although the skin is slightly swollen and red immediately after treatment. However, after a few days this mild side effects subside. The skin is cooled during and after treatment, which makes the process little pain. Patients do not need any longer break from everyday life, a general anesthesia is also not necessary.

The faction laser device UMS500 is an ultra modern and high quality equipment for professional users. In addition to the large color LCD screen, the UMS-500 has all the features and characteristics that are expected of such a modern top unit. 570 x 530 x 1380 mm: The device is portable thanks to its four wheels, has a weight of 55 kilograms and the following dimensions.

Technical parameters of the UMS-500

Pulse frequency: 0530 W

Wavelength: 10,600 nm

Colored LCD screen 8.4 inches.

Average power: 30 W

Cooling system: water and air cooling.

Variable Pulse duration: 0.1-10 ms;

Voltage: AC 220 V / 50 Hz; Alternating current, 110 V / 60 Hz.

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