Hair removal device ESTI-200 (IPL + RF)

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Intense pulsed light from a pulsed light system (or laser) is selectively absorbed by the dark pigment (melanin) on the hair shaft and the light energy is converted into heat. As a result, the hair bulb is heated to arou... Read more...

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Weight, kg - 27
Power, W - 1200
RF power, W - 250
Dimensions, cm - 52х48х32
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Intense pulsed light from a pulsed light system (or laser) is selectively absorbed by the dark pigment (melanin) on the hair shaft and the light energy is converted into heat. As a result, the hair bulb is heated to around 70 degrees, the cells there thermally destroyed (proteins) and finally dissolved by the body. In contrast, the slightly pigmented skin remains thermally unaffected. With complete damage, the growth zone no longer pushes hair, the hair removal is permanent.

How does photoepilation work in principle?

Photoepilation is similar to laser epilation - with the difference that it does not work with a laser beam but with intense pulsed light emitted by a flash lamp. The color pigment melanin - a dye that gives skin and hair their natural color - absorbs this light energy and is thus strongly heated. This heat (approx. 70 ° C) transfers the melanin to the hair follicles, thereby destroying them. Result: The follicles are no longer able to produce new hair. The functional mechanism of pulsed light hair removal is therefore comparable to that of laser epilation. Since flash depilation is based on the destruction of the hair pigment melanin, it is especially efficient with melanin-rich, i.e. dark hair.

How does a treatment work?

Before you undergo pulsed light hair removal, you should be examined by a dermatologist. It is also advisable to have photoepilation carried out by a real specialist who specializes in this treatment method. Avoid sunbathing, solarium and shaving (approx. 3 days beforehand) before treatment. To carry out the pulsed light hair removal, the area to be treated is cleaned and made up before the existing hairs are shaved off. A thin layer of light-conducting gel is then applied to the skin to ensure optimal light transmission. An anesthetic cream is also applied to guarantee painless treatment. Due to the intense heat, the skin is permanently cooled with gel cushions during the treatment. To protect the eyes, all those involved wear protective goggles during the entire depilation phase. In order to achieve a perfect result, several treatments are necessary at intervals of several weeks. The best results so far have been recorded with light skin and dark hair.


Photoepilation is as efficient as laser epilation. After the treatment, new hair grows back slowly and very finely. Hair removal is not permanent, but it is permanent: the result lasts for up to 5 years. The method is practically painless: You only feel a slight tingling or burning sensation. The entire treatment area of ​​the handpiece is actively cooled. This means that the treated skin area is cooled over the entire contact surface before, during and after each pulse. This is the reason for the particularly gentle and painless hair removal using this device. This also distinguishes this method significantly from the so-called electroepilation (or: needle epilation). During electroepilation, a hair-thin needle is inserted very precisely into the skin, parallel to the hair shaft and to the right depth. If the device is used exactly, the result is very good, but this is exactly where the problem lies: If electroepilation is not carried out in an absolutely professional manner, small burns of the skin or inflammation of the hair follicle can result, which can lead to scars and pigment spots. Electroepilation is perceived by many as painful. Therefore, a local anesthetic is usually applied to the skin area to be epilated before treatment. This is not necessary for photoepilation, especially when using our ESTI-200 with active cooling.


Depending on the area of ​​the body, the treatment must be repeated 5 to 10 times. Do you calculate e.g. 4 sessions for the eyebrows and 8 sessions for the legs. Side effects are very rare with correct application and careful adjustment of the treatment parameters. Depending on the skin type and the set treatment parameters, reddening and occasional slight swelling can occur in the treated area. These symptoms usually go away quickly. Cooling the affected skin areas alleviates any side effects. Violent reactions were rarely observed, in principle possible up to sunburn-like symptoms or burns. As a result, hypo- or hyperpigmentation can occur, i.e. the skin appears partially lighter (or darker) after the treatment; these spots recede by themselves over time.

General characteristics of lasers
Weight, kg 27
General characteristics of IPL
Power, W 1200
RF power, W 250
Dimensions, cm 52х48х32
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